Brother Printer Won’t Turn On [Quick Fix]

There are several reasons your Brother printer won’t turn on. Read this article to find out these reasons and the various methods to solve this problem.

Brother Printer Will Not Turn on [Why & Solutions]

This section answers the question: “Why is my Brother printer not turning on?” And it will also guide you on how to fix a Brother printer that won’t turn on.

1. Bad Connection

If the printer’s power socket is not properly connected to the power source then the Brother printer won’t power up.

To resolve this, check the connection. Unplug the power cable from the power socket and then plug it back in. Ensure the connection is secured.

Afterward, try to turn on the printer and see if your Brother printer will not power up. If it powers up, then the problem is fixed.

But if you still can’t turn on your Brother printer, then go to the next solution.

2. The Power Cord is Defective

Another answer to the question: “Why will my Brother printer not turn on?” is a defective power cord. If the power cord of your Brother printer is defective, then your Brother printer won’t turn on.

To troubleshoot this problem, do the following…

Step 1: Unplug the power cable from the power source.

Step 2: Check the cable for any form of damage or burn.

Step 3: If the power cable has any visible damage then it should be replaced to solve the problem.

Step 4: If the cable does not have any visible damage, then plug another appliance into the power source. If the other appliance does not come on, then go to the next solution.

Step 5: If the other appliance comes on, then this is a confirmation that your printer’s power cable is defective. The power cable should be replaced to solve the problem.

The power cable below is compatible with Brother printer: MFC-7420 MFC-7340 MFC-9840CDW MFC-L2720DW MFC-9130cw 9320CW 9330CDW 9332CDW 9340CDW 9342CDW 8950DW 8950DWT

3. The Power Source is Bad

If your printer’s power cable is not damaged, then you need to check the power source to fix the “my Brother printer won’t switch on” problem.

Plug in another appliance to the power source and if the appliance does not come on, then the power source is bad. In this case, you may either; use another power source for your printer. Or, replace the power socket.

4. Defective Power Button

The power button may be defective if the above solutions are not the answer to the problem.

In this case, we advise that you call a service technician to have a look at your machine. Or, if your printer is still under warranty then you can contact Brother Support.

Also, if you have had your printer for a while, then you may simply decide to get a new printer. You can check out this great wonderful Brother printer below.

5. Clogged Print Head

Sometimes, the print head may get clogged with dried ink and make your printer unable to carry out any function. The printer regularly cleans the print head automatically. However, if you suspect that the print head is clogged, you can take it out of your Brother printer and clean it up.

Furthermore, giving the printer a thorough clean may also help to fix the problem. Ensure you focus on the ink cartridge as you do the cleaning.

Watch this instructional video on how to clean your Brother printer print head.

You may also check for jammed papers in your Brother printer. Although this is hardly an answer to the question: “Why does my Brother printer not turn on?”. However, you need to check the printer for jammed papers and remove them.

This article gives a detailed guide on how to remove jammed paper from your Brother printer.

After removing the paper jam and cleaning the printer, check if the problem has been resolved.

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Brother Printer Won’t Turn On After Power Outage [Solution]

Do the steps below if your Brother printer won’t turn on after a power outage…

Step 1: Disconnect the printer’s power cable from the power source.

Step 2: With the power cord still disconnected, press and hold the power button.

Step 3: After 10-15 seconds, reconnect the power cable to the power source.

Step 4: The LCD should come on now. So release the power button and use your Brother printer.

Note that this solution is also applicable if your Brother laser printer won’t turn on after power outage.

Not only have we answered the question: “Why won’t my Brother printer turn on?”, but we have also discussed how to fix Brother printer not turning on.

However, if none of the solutions in this section works for you, then you can contact Brother Customer Service. They will surely assist you further to ensure the problem is resolved.

Note: All solutions listed in this section will work for the following Brother models: Brother MFC-j4510dw, Brother MFC-j4510dw, Brother MFC j4510dw, and Brother MFC-j4510dw.

Brother Printer Won’t Turn Off [What to Do]

Do the following if your Brother printer won’t turn off…

Step 1: See the printer’s display screen if there is an error message.

Step 2: If there is an error message on the screen then check for solutions to the particular error. Once you have solved the error being displayed press the power button to turn off the printer. If it goes off then the problem has been solved. If it doesn’t go to the next step.

Step 3: If your printer is one with keys then press the keys and see if they are working. If they are not then gently massage them so that any stuck keys will get dislodged.

Step 4: If your printer is a touch screen printer then press any key on the screen and see if it responds. If the touch screen isn’t responsive, call Brother Customer Service for further assistance.

Step 5: Press the printer’s power button to see if the problem has been solved.

Step 6: If the printer still doesn’t go off then cut off the power supply to the machine. Simply unplug the printer’s power cord from the power supply for a few seconds. And then, plug it back in.

If the printer still doesn’t come on after all of these then you may have a bigger problem on hand. In this case, we advise that you contact the manufacturers for further assistance.

Brother Printer Won’t Come Out of Sleep [What to Do]

If your Brother printer won’t come out of sleep mode when you send a print command you may have to remove it from sleep mode by yourself. Do this in the following steps…

Step 1: Press ‘Start’ and the ‘Options’ on the printer’s control panel simultaneously.

Step 2: After you do step 1, ‘Sleep Mode: on’ will appear on the printer’s LCD screen. Now, use the (+) Up or (-) Down button to select ‘Off’.

Step 3: Press ‘OK’ to save your setting. And then press the ‘Exit’ button to go back to the menu.

Brother Printer Won’t Come Out of Deep Sleep [Solved]

Do the following if your Brother printer does not automatically come out of deep sleep…

Step 1: Press ‘Menu’ on the printer’s control panel. Scroll down using the (-) down key until you get to ‘General setup’. Then press ‘OK’.

Step 2: Again scroll with the (-) down and (+) up keys until you get to ‘Ecology’. Select it and then select ‘Sleep Time’.

Step 3: Press the OK button when you get to ‘Sleep Time’. Next, press the BACK and DOWN buttons simultaneously. The screen will display ‘Deep Sleep’ at this point so press OK.

Step 4: Finally, use the down and up button to scroll and press OK when ‘Off’ is displayed.

For more information on this topic, check out our article on the Brother printer goes to sleep problem.