How Do I Fix a Paper Jam in My Brother Printer [Solution]

“How do I fix a paper jam in my Brother printer?”: If that is the question you are asking, then we have the solution in this article. We will also give you solutions to Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed.

Brother Printer Paper Jam [How to Fix]

Do the following to fix your Brother printer paper jam and clear the “Paper Jam” error message…

Step 1: Open your printer’s front cover, then leave the printer for about 10 minutes so it can cool down.

Step 2: Next, remove the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly from the printer. If the paper was hooked between the assembly, removing the assembly may pull it out.

Step 3: Close your printer’s front cover and then pull out its paper tray from the printer.

Step 4: The jammed paper will be visible now. Use your hands to gently pull it out.

Step 5: Next, open the cover at the back of the printer.

Step 6: Release the fuser cover by pulling the tabs located at the right and left hand sides.

Step 7: There may be jammed paper at the fuser unit. So, with the cover of the fuser opened, check for and gently drag out any jammed paper there.

Step 8: Put the fuser cover back in place.

Step 9: Remove the duplex tray from the printer. If there is jammed paper on the duplex tray or in the printer, pull it out.

Step 10: Put back the duplex and paper tray.

Step 11: Get the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly. Remove the toner cartridge and check for any jammed paper in the drum unit. If there is, gently pull it out.

Step 12: Reinstall the toner cartridge in the drum unit and ensure it clicks into place. Take the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly back to the printer and install it.

Step 13: Close the printer’s front cover. Press your “GO” key if your printer does not print automatically.

Following these steps should fix your Brother printer paper jam.

However, if you have a Brother printer paper jam message but no paper jam, read the next section of this article. We will answer the question: “What do I do when my printer says paper jam but there is none?”

Why Does My Brother Printer Says Paper Jam When There Isn’t One [Solutions]

Try out these solutions if you have a paper jam in Brother printer but no paper is jammed in the printer…

1. Load the Printer Paper Properly

The above problem can occur if the printer papers are not loaded properly. Hence, ensure to load the papers correctly in the paper tray. Also, make sure the papers are not creased, curved, or folded in any way.

2. Replace the Rollers

The rollers may become damaged over time or if you do not handle them carefully. When the rollers get damaged, it may result in a “Brother printer jammed but no paper” error.

In this case, replacing the rollers will fix the “Brother printer paper jam with no paper” issue.

3. Use Compatible and High-Quality Paper

Using incompatible or low-quality printing papers for your printer can also cause a problem for your Brother printer.

Therefore, another method of how to fix printer jam but no paper error is to ensure you always use high-quality printing paper that is compatible with your printer.

Check out this Brother thermal A7 printer paper below:

4. Use Quality and Compatible Cartridges

Ensure you always use Genuine Brother toner and ink cartridges for your Brother printers. Also, ensure that the cartridges are compatible with your Brother printer.

This Brother printer ink is compatible with the following Brother inkjet printers: DCP J152W, MFC J245, MFC J285DW, MFC J4310DW, MFC J4410DW, MFC J450DW, MFC J4510DW, MFC J4610DW, MFC J470DW, MFC J4710DW, MFC J475DW, MFC J650DW, MFC J6520DW, MFC J6720DW, MFC J6920DW, MFC J870DW, MFC J875DW

If the “Brother printer paper jam with no paper” issue isn’t fixed with any of the solutions above, then chances are there is a little paper stuck in a part of the machine. The paper may be so little that it is not visible and so you may have skipped it when trying to remove the jam.

Therefore, follow the steps in the first solution of this article. This time, keep your eyes peeled out for even the littlest of obstructions. 

Why Does My Brother Printer Keeps Saying Paper Jam? [Preventive Measures] – How Do I Fix a Paper Jam in My Brother Printer

If you often ask the question “Why does my printer keep saying paper jam”, then we guess that you have a reoccurring paper jam problem. A few preventive measures can be taken to prevent this reoccurrence…

1. Stop Overloading the Tray

Putting too many papers in the printer’s paper tray at a time often results in a paper jam. So, put a check on this habit if you constantly have “Paper Jam” error on your Brother printer.

When you have a printing job, put just enough paper to carry the job. Also, ensure you always load the papers properly in the paper tray.

2. Do Not Give a Lot of Commands at a Go

Giving multiple commands at a go to your printer can result in a paper jam error. Therefore, if your printer delays when you give it a command wait for some minutes as it may be due to a glitch. Rather than resending the command over and over.

If the printer does not do the command after a while then you may restart the printer.

3. Clean the Pick-Up Rollers

If the pick-up rollers are dirty or dusty, they may fail to pick up the printing paper properly. This usually results in a paper jam issue.

So, you should ensure to clean the pick-up rollers every once in a while to prevent this.

Watch this instructional video of how to clean your Brother printer pick-up rollers

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4. Use High Quality and Compatible Printer Paper

When you use a printer paper that is of low quality and isn’t compatible with your printer, paper jam error chances become heightened.

Therefore, ensure you always use the right paper for your printer.

If your Brother printer keeps displaying the “Paper Jam” message then it may be due to a hardware problem. This is something you may find difficult to handle by yourself. So, in this case, we advise that you call Brother Customer Service, especially if your printer’s warranty has not expired.

If you have had your printer for a while, then you may consider replacing it altogether.