Brother Printer Goes to Sleep [Quick Fix]

Is your Brother Printer in sleep mode and you don’t know how to remove it from this mode? Then, allow this article to guide you on how to fix this problem when your Brother printer goes to sleep.

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How to Remove Brother Printer Out of Sleep Mode

Do the following steps to remove your Brother printer out of sleep mode…

Step 1: Press ‘Start’ and the ‘Options’ on the printer’s control panel simultaneously.

Step 2: After you do step 1, “Sleep Mode: on” will appear on the printer’s LCD screen. Now, use the (+) Up or (-) Down button to select “Off”.

Step 3: Press “OK” to save your setting. And then press the “Exit” button to go back to the menu.

The instructions above will get your Brother printer out of sleep mode. Also, since the printer is simply reducing power consumption when on sleep mode, sending a print command should wake it.

However, if your Brother printer keeps going to sleep, then the sleep time setting may be set to a short duration. Fortunately, you can fix this by adjusting the sleep timer.

How to Adjust Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting on Windows

The following steps will guide you to adjust your Brother Printer sleep time setting on Windows…

Step 1: On the computer connected to your Brother printer, click on “Start”, locate “Control Panel” and open it.

Step 2: From “Control Panel”, select “Devices and Printers”.

Step 3: Click on Brother Printer driver then left click “Printing Preferences”.

Step 4: Click on the “Advanced” tab on the top of the screen.

Step 5: On the new screen, select “Other Print Options”.

Step 6: A new screen will pop up with a list of options. Select “Sleep Time”.

Step 7: Click on “Manual”, this will allow you to set your preferred sleep time. Underneath the “Manual” box, set the number of minutes for it to stay idle before your Brother printer goes to sleep.

Step 8: Click on “OK” to save your settings.

How to Adjust Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting on a Mac Computer

Do the following to adjust your Brother printer sleep time setting on a Mac computer:

Step 1: Click on “File and Print” from your application.

Step 2: Select “Show Details” if “Print and Presets” is the only option that is on the new screen.

Step 3: Right-click on “Drop Menu” and then “Print Settings”.

Step 4: You will see an “Advanced” option with a triangle by the side, click on this triangle. This will expand the “Advanced” setting.

Step 5: Select “Sleep Time” from the listed items. Select “Manual” and set your preferred sleep time.

Step 6: To save your settings, it has to be saved as a new preset.

How to Save a Preset Printer Driver Setting on Mac Computer

Do the following to save a preset printer driver setting on your Mac computer…

Step 1: Open any document and then “File”. Then select “Print”.

Step 2: A Presets menu will come up, click on it.

Step 3: Choose “Save Current Settings as a Preset…”

Step 4: Input a desired name for the preset and then select “OK”.

These steps will successfully save your adjusted printer sleep time setting.

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How to Adjust Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting from Printer Screen

Adjust your Brother printer sleep time setting from the printer’s screen in the following steps…

Step 1: Press “Menu” on the printer’s control panel. Scroll down using the (-) down key until you get to “General setup”. Then press “OK”.

Step 2: Again scroll with the (-) down and (+) up keys until you get to “Ecology”. Select it and then select “Sleep Time”.

Step 3: Input the number of minutes for your printer to stay idle before it goes to sleep. You have a 0-99 option.

Step 4: Restart your printer to save your settings.

Brother Printer – What is Deep Sleep Mode [Solved]

Deep sleep mode is a deeper sleep level that your Brother printer goes into after it has been in “Sleep mode” for a certain period. Therefore, the deep sleep mode is an advanced form of sleep mode that uses much less power.

There is no way to disable the deep sleep mode function on your Brother printer. However, the time before the machine goes into deep sleep mode can be modified with the steps in the above section.

A good thing is while this feature cannot be disabled, you can remove your Brother printer out of deep sleep and back to regular sleep mode by pushing the power button. If you do not want to restart your printer then you can also turn off the deep sleep mode.

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How to Switch Off Deep Sleep Mode on Brother Printer – Brother Printer Goes to Sleep

Do the following to switch off deep sleep mode on your Brother printer…

 Step 1: Navigate to “Sleep Time” using the first two steps in the “How to Adjust Brother Printer Sleep Time Setting from Printer Screen” section of this article.

Step 2: Press the OK button when you get to “Sleep Time”. Next, press the BACK and DOWN buttons simultaneously. The screen will display ‘Deep Sleep’ at this point so press OK.

Step 3: Use the down and up button to scroll and press OK when “Off” is displayed.

If you are still unable to get your Brother printer out of sleep mode, then contact Brother Support.

This video visually explains the above steps…