Brother Printer No Toner Error [Solved]

This article focuses on the solution to your “Brother printer no toner error”. Regardless of when your printer displays the “No Toner” error message, the solutions in this article will guide you on what to do to resolve the problem.

Brother Printer No Toner Error [Why & Solution]

Your Brother printer will display the “no toner” message if the printer’s drum unit assembly or your toner cartridge was installed incorrectly. So if your Brother printer does not detect toner, you need to uninstall and reinstall the drum unit assembly and toner cartridge to rectify the problem.

How to Fix Brother Printer No Toner Error

Do the steps below to fix this error…

Step 1: Open your printer’s front cover then take out the drum unit. Place the drum unit on a disposable cloth or paper because the toner can spill at any point of the repair.

Step 2: Push the green locking tab on the drum unit’s left side. Then lift the toner and take it out.

Step 3: On the drum unit’s right side, you will find two metals that look like staples. Use a clean, soft and dry cloth to properly but gently clean the metals.

Step 4: Put the toner back into the drum unit assembly. Ensure it click in place, when it does, the green locking tab will automatically go back in position.

Step 5: Put the drum unit assembly back in the printer and then close its front cover.

If your Brother printer is still not detecting the toner, then the toner cartridge is likely damaged and should be replaced.

How to Replace Brother Printer Toner Cartridge

Follow these steps to replace your Brother printer toner cartridge…

Step 1: Ensure your printer is on, and then open its front cover.

Step 2: Remove the drum unit assembly from the printer and then place it on a piece of disposable cloth or paper.

Step 3: Next, remove the toner cartridge by pushing down the green locking tab like in the previous solution.

Step 4: Get the new toner and remove its protective cover.

Step 5: There is a corona wire inside the drum unit, shift the green tab forth and back a few times to clean this corona wire.

Step 6: Put the new toner into the drum unit assembly and then close the machine.

The Genuine Brother Toner below is compatible with the following Brother printer models: DCP L2540DW, DCP L2520DW, HL L2300D, HL L2360DW, HL L2315DW, HL L2380DW, HL L2305W, HL L2320D, HL L2340DW, MFC L2685DW, MFC L2680W, MFC L2705DW, MFC L2720DW, MFC L2707DW, MFC L2700DW, MFC L2740DW

Brother Printer Says No Toner after Replacing Toner [Solutions]

Try the following solutions if your Brother printer still says “No Toner” after replacing the toner cartridge…

1. Check What Color of Cartridge Needs Replacement

The “No Toner” error may be for another cartridge color other than the one you replaced. So check the printer’s screen for which toner color needs replacement. If it is not the one you just replaced then replace the required color.

If the same color you replaced is what is asking for replacement then keep reading to find the solution to the problem.

2. Check which Consumable You Replaced

Your Brother printer uses two different consumables: the drum unit and the toner cartridge. If you replace the drum unit instead of the toner cartridge, the “No Toner” message will keep showing. So check and replace the toner cartridge if you have made this mistake.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Toner

One possible reason your Brother printer is not recognizing the toner cartridge is the wrong installation of the toner.

Follow steps 1-3 in the “How to Replace Brother Printer Toner Cartridge” section of this article to remove the toner. Afterward, put the toner back in place by doing steps 5-6 of the same solution.

4. Use a Genuine Brother Printer Toner Cartridge

If your Brother printer is not accepting a new toner then it’s most likely because the toner is not a genuine Brother printer toner cartridge. When you use an off-brand toner cartridge for your Brother printer, you put the life of the printer in danger.

If you damage your printer while using an off-brand toner cartridge then you give up the right to your Brother limited warranty.

5. Clean the Corona Wire

Cleaning the corona wires is very important when you replace your Brother printer’s toner. If you had not done this when replacing the cartridge then take out the drum unit assemble again and clean the corona wire.

6. Ensure the Toner Cartridge is A New One

If you take out a toner cartridge from another printer or use an already used toner cartridge, your Brother printer’s toner status will not get reset. So, ensure the toner cartridge is a brand new one to stop the toner error.

If your Brother printer still displays a toner error after you try all of the above then the problem may simply be a glitch. In this case, you can choose to override the message.

How to Override “Toner Low” on Brother Printer

Do the following to override “Toner Low” on your Brother printer…

i. Brother DCP Printer Series

Step 1: Open your printer’s front cover and push the “Back/Clear” key.

Step 2: “Replace Drum” will appear on the printer’s LCD screen, press “Start”.

Step 3: Simultaneously press the down and up keys. “00” will now appear on the screen.

Step 4: Press “OK”. You have successfully overridden the “Toner Low” message on your Brother DCP printer series.

Step 5: Close the printer’s front cover and test run the printer.

ii. Brother MFC Printer Series

Step 1: Open your printer’s front cover and press the “Clear/Back” key.

Step 2: Press the “*” key and then press “0” twice.

Step 3: Close the printer’s front cover and test run the printer.

iii. Brother HL Printer Series

Step 1: Open your printer’s front cover and take out the drum unit assembly.

Step 2: Press “Start” and then put the drum assembly back in the printer.

Step 3: Finally, press “Start” twice to override the “Low Toner” message.

Step 4: Cover the printer’s front cover. 

Note: The steps above will also do a Brother printer “No Toner” override. Also, your Brother printer may no longer advise you when your Toner level is low if you do this procedure. Therefore, you will have to be on a constant lookout for the toner level if you decide to do this.

If the Brother printer keeps saying “No Toner” after you have done all of the above, then contact Brother support for further assistance.

Why is My Brother Printer Not Detecting Ink [Reasons & Solutions]

The following are the most common reasons a Brother printer may not detect ink and how to solve them…

1. Ink Installed Incorrectly

If you have installed the ink incorrectly then your Brother printer will be unable to detect it. In which case, reinstalling the ink will fix the problem.

How to Install Brother Printer Ink

The following are steps to install a Brother printer ink cartridge…

Step 1: Open the door that covers the printer’s ink cartridge

Step 2: Push down the colored levers and remove each ink cartridge.

Step 3: Ensure the printer is switched on. Because, if it is not, it will be unable to detect the ink after installation.

Step 4: Put each ink cartridge in place according to their colors. Ensure you insert the cartridge from the arrow label on it.

Step 5: As you install each ink cartridge, your printer will send a confirmatory message. For instance, “Did you change yellow?”. Ensure to choose “Yes” with each ink cartridge installed.

Step 6: Once you are done installing each cartridge ink, close the ink cover door and test run the printer. 

Watch this visual explanation of the above steps…

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2. You are Using a Non-Brother Ink Cartridge

Your Brother printer may not detect the ink cartridge if it is not a Brother printer cartridge. Replacing the off-brand ink cartridge with a Brother printer cartridge should solve this problem.

This Brother printer ink cartridge is compatible with the following Brother printers: DCP J152W, MFC J6720DW, MFC J6920DW, MFC J4610DW, MFC J470DW, MFC J4310DW, MFC J4410DW, MFC J870DW, MFC J450DW, MFC J4510DW, MFC J245, MFC J285DW, MFC J4710DW, MFC J475DW, MFC J650DW, MFC J6520DW, MFC J875DW

3. The Ink Cartridge is Damaged

Follow steps 1-2 in the “How to Install Brother Printer Ink” section of this article to remove the ink cartridge. Once you have the cartridge out, inspect it for damages. If any is found, then buy a new cartridge and replace it following steps 3-6 of the same solution.  

4. You Replaced the Ink too Early

If you replaced the ink before your printer gave you the prompt to change the ink, then the printer may not detect it. In which case, you may uninstall and reinstall the ink cartridge to see if it fixes the problem.

For more information on Brother printer not detecting ink, read this article.