How To Connect To Brother Printer [Detailed Guide]

This article is a detailed guide on how to connect to Brother Printer. Here, we discuss the various methods through which you can connect a Brother printer to your PC and even your phone.

How to Connect Brother Printer to PC

You can connect your Brother printer to your PC through the following methods:

1. USB/Ethernet Connection

How to Connect Brother Printer to PC via a USB or Ethernet Cable

The following steps will guide you on how to connect your Brother printer to your PC using a USB or Ethernet cable:

Step 1: Check the back or side of your printer for the ports. Each port is easy to identify as there is often a label underneath or at the side of each port. Locate the cable port you intend to use for the connection.

Note that some Brother Printer models do not have an Ethernet cable port, but you can simply use a USB cable if yours is one of these models.

Step 2: Insert one end of the cable into the printer’s port. If you are doing the connection with a USB, locate the USB port on the PC and connect the other end of the cable to it.

Step 3: To connect a Brother printer through Ethernet, you need a router. So, the Ethernet cable’s other end will be connected to the Ethernet port of the router.

Now that you have the cables connected to the PC/network, you need the printer’s software to complete the connection.

How to Download and Install Brother Printer Software

Do the following to download and install a Brother Printer software on your computer:

Step 1: Visit the Brother official website on your system’s web browser. Select ‘Software download’ on the top of the screen.

Step 2: Several options will appear, select ‘Printer/Fax Machines/DCPs/Multi-functions’ underneath the USA tab. On the next screen, select ‘USA/Canada/Latin America’. Now, select ‘United States (English)’ and then click ‘Product search’.

Step 3: Check the body of your printer for the model’s number and input the number in the search box then press enter.

Step 4: You will be taken to your printer’s support page. Select download and you will be asked to choose the operating system of your computer. A list of the available downloads will appear; choose ‘Full Driver & Software Package’. Finally, click on ‘Agree to the EULA and Download’.

Step 5: Once the download is complete, click on the file to install it. If the file doesn’t begin to install, open your file explorer and select ‘Download’. Look for the downloaded installation file and double-click on it. The software will start installing now.

With the software installed, you can now connect your Brother printer to your PC. Simply do the following:

i. Launch the Software: Open the software you earlier downloaded and then select a language of your choice and click ‘next’. A license agreement will come on next, check the ‘I accept this license agreement’ and again click ‘next’.

ii. Select a Connection Type: If you are doing the connection with a USB, select ‘Local Connection (USB) and click next. If you are using an Ethernet cable for the connection, select ‘Wired Network Connection (Ethernet) and then click ‘Next’. Your cable should be connected to your printer and PC or printer and router at this point, if it isn’t then do this. Also, ensure the printer is on and then click on ‘next’.

For the Ethernet connection, the printer will be recognized by the network at this point. If the printer is not recognized, click refresh for the printer to be available. Click on the printer and then ‘next’.

iii. Select the Installation Type: Choose ‘Standard’ as this is the recommended installation type and then click ‘next’. The software will begin an installation process, wait for this to be complete, and then click ‘next’ again. To register your printer click ‘Brother Registration’ also click ‘User’s Guides’ for more information on the printer’s usage.

iv. Complete the Installation: Finally, click on ‘finish’ to complete the installation.

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2. Wireless Connection

The second method to connect a Brother printer to a PC is a wireless connection. As the name implies, this allows you to connect your Brother printer without the use of cables. This is more convenient and allows more freedom with the placing of the printer.

Wireless connection can be achieved using the following methods:  

i. Connect Wirelessly with WPS

This method is the easiest way to connect a Brother printer wirelessly. However, it requires that your printer and router both have a WPS button.

To connect Brother Printer using WPS, first press the printer’s WPS button. And then also press the router’s WPS button. The connection will be established immediately the buttons are pressed.

Ensure the router is connected to the PC because if it is not your Brother printer also is not connected to the PC.

ii. Connect Wirelessly from the Printer’s Screen

How to Connect Brother Printer Wirelessly from Printer’s Screen

Do these steps to connect your Brother printer wirelessly from the printer’s screen:

Step 1: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the control panel and then press the (-) key. Stop at the ‘Network menu’ and then press OK.

Step 2: Go down the list using the (-) key again, stop pressing the down key once you get to ‘Setup Wizard’. Now, press OK.

Step 3: The option to enable WLAN will come on, press (+) to select ‘ON’.

Step 4: The printer will search for available Wi-Fi networks. Go through the list using the (-) key. And then press OK when you get to your Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Input the passcode of your Wi-Fi using the (-) and (+) keys. Once you have done this successfully, press OK. ‘Apply Setting’ will appear on the screen, press OK for yes.

Step 6: Your printer may take a few moments to connect to the network. Once it is connected, ‘Connected Printing’ will appear on the screen. The printer will then print out a connection report to certify that the printer is connected. The Wi-Fi light is also another indication that the printer has been successfully connected.

iii. Use a USB Cable to Temporarily Connect the Printer Wirelessly

The first step to do this is to download the Brother Printer software that is compatible with your printer’s model. A section of this article discusses how to do this step-by-step.

Once you have installed the software, launch it and follow the procedures below:

Step 1: Choose the language of your choice. A new screen will come up, click on ‘Install Printer Driver’.

Step 2: A list of connection types will appear. Choose the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ option and click ‘Next’.

Step 3: You will be asked to pick a connection method. Choose ‘Brother Peer-to-Peer Network’ and then click ‘next’.

Step 4: Choose the option to change the Firewall port settings to ensure that all features of the printer will work.

Step 5: You will be asked if you have a USB cable, select yes. A prompt to connect the USB cable to the computer and printer will come on, so do this.

Step 6: The system will now look for networks. Click ‘Checked and Confirmed’ after you have confirmed that you are connected to the network you wish to connect your printer to.

Step 7: Click yes on the next screen as the software usually automatically detects the right network setting. Then click on next to proceed.

Step 8: The necessary network information will now be submitted to your printer. Afterward, you will be asked to remove the USB cable. The printer’s Wi-Fi light will come on to indicate the connection and will stay on as long as you remain connected. Finally, click next to complete the installation.

For more information on Brother printer Wi-Fi setup, check out this article.

Can Brother Printer Connect to Phone [Solved]

Yes! It can if your Brother printer is equipped with Wi-Fi Direct. This feature allows you to connect the Brother printer to a computer or mobile phone without the use of a router.

If your Brother Printer does not come with the Wi-Fi Direct feature then you may consider getting one with this feature. So, check out this excellent Brother printer enabled with Wi-Fi direct.

How to Connect to Brother Printer from Phone

The following will guide you on how to connect your Brother printer from phone:

Step 1: From the printer’s control panel, press Menu. Navigate through the options using the down and up keys. Select ‘Network’ then ‘Wi-Fi Direct’, ‘Group Owner’, ‘On’ and finally ‘Manual’.

Step 2: ‘Wi-Fi Direct On?’ will appear next, press your down key to OK it.

Step 3: The password and SSID will be displayed on the screen for a while. Write them down as they will be needed later on.

Step 4: On your mobile phone, open the Wi-Fi settings and turn on the Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Input the SSID and password you had earlier written down in the respective spaces. And now press ‘connect’. As an indication that the connection is successful, ‘Connected’ will appear under the SSID. Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Brother printer to your phone. You may also decide to download the Brother iPrint&Scan app for ease.

This video is a visual representation of the above instructions…