How to Stop HP Printer From Printing a Cover Page After Every Print

This article offers a clear, step-by-step guide on how to stop HP printer from printing a cover page after every print.

How to Stop HP Printer From Printing a Cover Page After Every Print
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Method 1: Checking Printer Preferences

This is usually the first place to look. Printer preferences hold the settings that control the printer’s behavior directly from the computer.

Accessing Control Panel: The Control Panel holds the key to many of your computer’s settings. Open it by typing “Control Panel” into the Windows search bar at the bottom left of your screen. Click on the app when it appears in the search results.

Navigate to Devices and Printers: In the Control Panel, you will find several options. Locate and click on ‘Devices and Printers’. This area shows you every device that’s connected to or configured on your computer.

Finding Your HP Printer: Under ‘Devices and Printers’, you will see a list of devices. Locate your HP printer. It’s usually listed under ‘Printers and Faxes’.

Opening Printer Preferences: Right-click on your HP printer icon and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose ‘Printer Preferences’ from the menu to open a new window where you can edit settings specific to your printer.

Disabling the Cover Page: In the ‘Printer Preferences’ window, you will see multiple tabs or sections, each containing different types of settings. Look for a tab that has options related to a ‘Cover Page’, ‘Additional Pages’, or something similar. If you find it, deselect this option or set it to ‘None’.

Save Settings: After making this change, click ‘Apply’ at the bottom right of the window, and then click ‘OK’ to save the settings and close the window.

Method 2: Software Settings

If you’ve been through Method 1 and the problem persists, the setting might be within the software you are using for printing.

Open Your Software: Open the specific software from which you are attempting to print. This could be a word processor, PDF viewer, or web browser.

Access Print Settings: Go to the software’s ‘File’ menu usually located in the upper-left corner. From the drop-down list that appears, select ‘Print’.

Access Advanced Settings: A new window will pop up, commonly referred to as the ‘Print Dialogue Box’. In this box, look for an ‘Advanced’ or ‘Properties’ button. Click it to access more settings.

Disable Cover Page in Software: After clicking, another window will open showing advanced settings. Scroll through the list of options to see if any of them pertain to printing a cover page. If you find such an option, uncheck the box or select ‘None’.

Test the Print: Before exiting, it’s good to print a test page to ensure that the changes have taken effect. Click ‘OK’ or ‘Print’ to close the settings and initiate the test print.

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Method 3: Firmware Update

Outdated firmware can sometimes cause strange behavior in printers, including the addition of unwanted cover pages.

Visit HP’s Official Website: Open your web browser and go to the official HP website.

Locate Your Printer Model: Use the search function or navigate through the product categories to find your printer model.

Download Latest Firmware: Once you find your printer model, there should be a ‘Support’ or ‘Downloads’ section. Go there and look for firmware updates. If there is a newer version than what you have, download it.

Installation: Once downloaded, locate the firmware file on your computer. It’s typically in your ‘Downloads’ folder. Double-click the file to run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.