Brother Printer Out of Memory [Solved]

Follow the steps in this article to solve your Brother printer out of memory error in a few minutes.

What Does Out Of Memory Mean on a Brother Printer? [Solved]

The “out of memory” message on your Brother printer means that your machine’s memory capacity is full. This message can pop up when you are doing any of these operations:

1. Printing

2. Copying

3. Faxing (for models with fax features)

When your Brother printer is out of memory, you need to clean the memory of the machine to get it operational again. The steps you need to do this are based on the operation you were carrying out on your Brother printer at the time you got the message.

How to Clear the Memory of a Brother Printer

Do the steps below to clear the error message when your Brother printer is running out of memory:

Brother Printer out of Memory When Printing [How to Fix]

Follow these steps to clear the “out of memory” message when your Brother Printer is printing:

Step 1: Use your printer’s “Job Cancel” button to clear the jobs from the machine’s memory.

Step 2: Reduce your print resolution from your printer driver with the following steps:

Windows Driver

i. Open your Printing Preferences by doing the following:

Windows 8/10: Click on “Control Panel”, then “Hardware and Sound”, then right-click on your printer from the list of available printers, click on “Printer Properties”, and then click on the “Preferences” tab.

Windows 7: Open “Start”, then “Control Panel”, then “Hardware and Sound”, then “Devices and Printers”, then right-click on your Brother printer from the list of available printers, then click on “Printer Properties”, and finally, select the Preferences tab.

Note: If a “Change Properties” key appears at the screen’s left bottom, click on it before you proceed.

ii. Check for “Print Quality” under the “Basic” tab. Then, select a reduced “Print Quality”.

iii. Click on “Apply”, and then “OK”.

Windows BR-Script Driver

i. Open your Printer Preferences. Use the instructions above based on your operating system.

ii. Click on “Advanced”.

iii. Check for “Print Quality” and then select a lower one.

iv. Click on “OK”.

Mac OS X CUPS Driver

i. Open an application and then click on “File”. Select “Print” and click on “Show Details”. This will make the dialog screen expand.

ii. From the menu that pops up select “Print Settings”.

iii. Check for “Print Quality” under the “Basic” tab. Then reduce the print’s quality.

iv. Finally, click “Print”.

Mac OS X BR-Scrip Driver

i. Open your “Print” dialog with the above Step 1.

ii. Select “Print Features”.

iii. Select “General 1” or “Set 1” from the Feature Sets.

iv. Check for “Print Quality” then reduce it to a lower setting.

v. Click on “Print”.

Brother Printer out of Memory When Scanning or Copying [How to Fix]

Follow these steps to clear the “out of memory” message when your Brother Printer is scanning or copying:

Step 1: Press the Exit or Stop key to stop the scanning if you are on scanning the 1st page of a multiple-page job.


Press your “Color Start” or “Mono Start” key if you are scanning a multiple-page job’s subsequent page. This will copy all the pages you have already scanned. You can equally press the Exit or Stop key to stop the job.

Step 2: Once the error message is cleared, wait for the remaining operations to get completed. Then, try copying again.

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Brother Printer Out of Memory When Faxing [How to Fix]

Follow these steps to clear the “out of memory” message when your Brother Printer is faxing:

Step 1: Do the “Step 1” of the instruction above.

Step 2: Next, clear your printer’s memory of already stored Fax by printing all of them.

How to Clear Brother Printer Memory by Printing Already Stored Fax

To clear Brother Printer memory by printing already stored fax, do the following:

i. Press your Menu key and then select “Fax”, then “Remote Fax Opt”, then “Print Document”, or “Print Fax”.

ii. Press your Color Start or Mono Start button.

iii. Once the printing is complete, press the Exit or Stop key.

You can also change your storage setting. This can help stop the “out of memory” error in a Brother printer with a fax function. Your Fax Storage can be switched on or off. When it is on, every fax job stays saved in the printer’s memory.

This allows the use of the following features, Paging, PC Fax Receive, and Fax Forwarding. If these features aren’t necessary to you, you can turn off your Fax Storage with the steps below.

How to Switch Off Fax Storage on Brother Printer

Do these steps to switch off your Brother printer Fax Storage:

Step 1: Press your Menu button, then select “Fax”, then “Remote Fax Opt”, and then “Forward/Store” or “Forward/Page/Store”

Step 2: Use the Down or Up keys to select “Off”.

Step 3: Press “OK” on the printer. If faxes have been saved in the printer’s memory, a message asking if you want to erase all the saved faxes will pop up.

If you select “Yes” formerly stored faxes will be deleted and then the settings will change. If you select “No”, the already stored faxes won’t be deleted and the settings will not change.

Note that these solutions apply to out of memory issues for the following HP printer models:

Brother MFC-j6530dw, Brother MFC l2700dw, Brother MFC-l8900cdw, Brother MFC-l2740dw, Brother MFC 7340, Brother MFC-7860dw, Brother MFC 7320, Brother MFC-8910dw, Brother MFC-8860d, Brother MFC 8480d, and Brother MFC 9340cdw.

Watch this video to learn more about this topic.

How to Clear the Memory on a Brother Fax Machine

Do the following steps to clear the memory on a Brother Fax machine:

Step 1: Press your machine’s “Erase” key.

Step 2: Use the Down or Up key to choose Fax.

Step 3: Next, press the Set button

Step 4: Erase all stored faxes by pressing 1.

Brother Printer Out of Memory Error Message Keeps Popping Up [What to Do]

Do the following if the “out of memory” error message keeps popping up or happens too often:

Step 1: Illuminate the “Copy” button by pressing it.

Step 2: Put a blank white paper sheet on the scanner glass. Let the paper stay face down.

Step 3: Press the “Mono Start” Button on the printer.

If everything is fine, the copies made will be blank white sheets. If it is blue or black, then the scanner is storing documents as blue or black images. This usually takes up more memory. In this case, you need to contact Brother Support for assistance.

Note: This can only be done for printers with Fax functions.

Brother Printer – Error Poor Line Condition Out of Memory [Solution]

If you have a Brother printer poor line condition out of memory issue, do the following to solve it:

Step 1: Press the Hook button.

Go to the 3rd step if you hear any dial tone.

If you don’t hear the tone, check and ensure that your telephone line and your Brother machine jack with the label LINE are directly connected.

Go to the 2nd step if your printer still doesn’t hear the tone.

Step 2: Take your telephone’s line cord off your wall jack, then connect an extension phone (that you know is working well) to another telephone’s line cord (that you know is working well) and connect them to your wall jack. Pick up the telephone’s handset:

If you get the tone then the problem is due to the wall jack or telephone line. In this case, contact the telephone provider.

If you don’t hear the tone, then remove the telephone’s line cord and then connect the cord to the printer’s jack labeled “LINE”. Then, press the HOOK button on the printer again. If you hear the tone, proceed to the next step. If you do not, visit Brother Support for assistance.

Step 3: If the tone’s quality is low, contact the telephone provider for assistance. But, if the sound is okay, move to the next step.

Step 4: If you have other devices like power strips, comm share devices, splitters, and so on connected to the printer or your wall jack, remove them.

This is only for the troubleshooting process. You can reconnect the devices back after your Brother printer Fax poor line condition out of memory issue is solved.

Step 5: Next, send a Fax. If it is received, then the problem has been resolved. Go to the next step if the issue persists.

Step 6: Adjust your printer’s compatibility setting to lower its interference sensitivity by reducing transmission speed.

How to Adjust Your Brother Printer’s Compatibility Settings

Do the following to adjust your Brother Printer’s compatibility settings:

i. Press Menu

ii. Use the Up or Down key to choose Initial Setup

iii. Press OK

iv. Use the Up or Down key to choose Compatibility

v. Press OK

vi. Use the Up or Down key to choose Basic (for VoIP)

vii. Press OK

viii. Press Exit or Stop. Then send a Fax to see if the problem has been fixed.

Step 7: If the problem persists, connect your printer to another telephone line (that you know is working). Then, send another Fax. If the problem is fixed, the telephone line is the reason for the problem. If it isn’t fixed, then the printer is the problem.

In such a case, if the machine is still under warranty, you can go to the Official Brother Website to find out your warranty options. But if you have had the machine for a while, you can consider changing it.