HP Printer Validation Error [How to Fix]

In this article, we will discuss solutions to the HP printer validation error.

Why the HP Printer Validation Error Occurs

The HP printer validation error occurs because of an obstruction in your HP printer’s carriage. As a result of the obstruction, the carriage cannot move freely.

The carriage is responsible for holding the printer’s ink cartridges and moving them to and fro during the ink transfer process to the loaded paper.

A grinding noise is a sign that the carriage of your printer is obstructed by foreign material such as jammed paper.

Solutions to the HP Printer Validation Error

To fix the HP printer validation error, try the following solutions.

1. Run the Windows Printer Troubleshooter

To run the Windows printer troubleshooter, we recommend you follow the instructions we shared here: HP Printer Error User Intervention – How to Use Windows Troubleshooting Tool”.

After running the troubleshooter, check if the HP printer validation error message is no longer appearing.

If you can still see the error message, move to the next solution.

2. Reset your HP Printer

To reset your HP printer, click this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – HP Printer Error Do Not Use Setup Cartridges, and then follow the instructions under the “Reset your HP Printer” subsection.

After resetting your printer, check if the HP printer validation error is resolved; if it is not, try the solution below.

3. Reinstall your HP Printer

How to Reinstall your HP Printer

To reinstall your HP printer, do the following:

Step 1: Type in “appwiz.cpl” in the Windows search box.

Step 2: Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Choose your printer software from the programs list.

Step 4: Click on “Uninstall”.

Step 5: Click on “Yes”.

Step 6: Restart your computer.

Step 7: Type “control panel” in the run search box.

Step 8: Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Step 9: Click on “Devices and Printers”.

Step 10: Right-click on your printer.

Step 11: Click on “Remove device”.

Step 12: Click on “Yes”.

Read this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] to find out more about other HP printer errors and how to fix them.

4. Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

To run HP Print and Scan Doctor, follow the instructions we provided in this link: HP Printer Error Documents Waiting – Run HP Print and Scan Doctor.

If you experience any HP printer error when scanning, running the HP Print and Scan Doctor will resolve most of the errors.

The above solutions should fix the HP error printer validation failed. However, if they fail to resolve the error then you are left with just one option which we discuss below.

5. Service your HP Printer

This option is something you cannot do yourself; you will need to contact HP Customer Support to fix your printer if this service is available in your region.

When you contact them, a date will be scheduled for the repair. You don’t need to worry about repair fees if your product is still under warranty. However, if your machine is out of warranty, you will pay for the repairs. Printers that are still under warranty and cannot be repaired will be replaced for free.