HP Printer Error Limitcheck [How to Fix]

This article will provide you with solutions to the HP printer error limitcheck.

Reasons for the HP Printer Error Limitcheck

The HP printer error limitcheck occurs when your printer detects a corrupted image. It also occurs when the image that is to be printed within a doc file is larger than the specified limit. Another reason this error occurs is if the resolution of the image is very high or the image cannot rotate.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error Limitcheck

Irrespective of the reasons for the HP printer error limitcheck, the solutions below should resolve the issue:

1. Reduce the Image Resolution or Size

The easiest way to fix this error is to reduce the image’s size or resolution since a large resolution or size is one of the reasons this error occurs.  You can also rotate the image to allow it to fit the acceptable limit.

2. Save the Image in another Format

Sometimes the bitmap data of the image might be responsible for the error. Therefore, to fix the HP printer error limitcheck, you will have to remove the image first, and then reimport it before saving it in another format.

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3. Break the Document into Smaller Units

The size of the entire document might be too large for the printer. Hence, instead of sending a print command to print the entire document, instead, you could print the pages one after the other with just one page each time.

Also, you could use just one print color for each print command.

4. Ungroup Objects

If you have any grouped objects on the document, we recommend that you ungroup them. This will allow the printer to have less workload.

5. Reduce the printer’s resolution

The resolution of your HP printer or imagesetter might also cause this limitcheck error. Therefore, reducing the printer’s resolution should fix the problem.  

6. Service your HP Printer

If none of the solutions above resolve the HP printer error limitcheck, then the only option left is to service your machine.

For products still under warranty, we recommend that you contact HP Customer Support to do the job. If the service is available in your region, a date will be fixed when the repair will be done. Since your product is still under warranty, you won’t have to pay for repair. Also, if the printer is beyond repair, then you will be given a replacement for free.

On the other hand, if your printer is no longer under warranty, you will have to pay the repair fee. If the product is irreparable, you will get the replacement at your own cost.

If your HP printer is no longer under warranty, you can contact any other reliable technician. However, if yours is still under warranty, then you should not allow any technician that is not from HP to service your printer because doing so might void the product’s warranty.