Can’t Find WPS Pin for Brother Printer [Quick Fix]

In this article, we will discuss how to get the WPS pin for Brother Printer so you can link your printer to your wireless network. So, read this article if you can’t find WPS pin for Brother Printer.

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What is the WPS Pin for Brother Printer? [Quick Guide]

The WPS pin your Brother Printer is asking for is an eight-digit pin that is needed to connect your printer to a wireless network and enable wireless printing. This pin is usually coded with WPA 2 or WPA protocols. So, the Brother Printer asking for a WPS pin is normal when you try to connect your printer to a wireless connection.

If you don’t know where to find the WPS pin for Brother Printer, keep reading to find out.

How to Find WPS Pin for Brother Printer – Can’t Find WPS Pin for Brother Printer

Do the following steps to find the WPS pin number for your Brother Printer:

Step 1: Ensure your Brother machine is turned on.

Step 2: Press the printer’s “Menu” key on the machine’s control panel.

Step 3: Now, use the Up or Down arrow button to select “Network”. Then, press your “OK” key.

Step 4: Still using the Up or Down arrow button, select “WLAN”, now press your “OK” key.

Step 5: Again, use any of the arrow buttons to select “WPS w/PIN”, then press your “OK” key.

Step 6: Your screen will display an eight-digit pin. This is your WPS pin.

You can now do these subsequent steps to finish connecting your printer to the wireless network.

Step 7: Go to the browser of the computer that is also on the wireless network. Next, type in “http://access point IP Address”. The IP address is you will type in is your registrar device’s IP address.

Step 8: Open “WPS setting” and type in your WPS pin (the one your LCD is displaying). Follow the instructions that will be shown on the computer’s screen to complete the setup.

If your registrar computer is a Windows Vista, you need to register the network beforehand. Follow these instructions to do this:

i. Click the network, then click the “add wireless device” option.

ii. Select your printer, and then click on “Next”.

iii. Now, type in your WPS pin, the one your LCD displayed earlier.

iv. Click the network you are trying to connect, then click “Next”.

v. Finally, click on “Close”.

These steps also apply to Brother printer DCP models. Therefore, these steps will guide you on how to find the WPS pin on brother printer DCP-t510w.

Step 9: Your LCD should display “Connected”.

If it does, then you have successfully connected your printer to your network.

If “Connected” is not displayed you have to try connecting it again. But, wait for at least 5 seconds before you try again.

Watch this video for a visual illustration of the above instructions…

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How Can I Find the WPS Pin for My Touchscreen Brother Printer [Quick Guide]

Do the following steps to find the WPS pin on your Brother Touch screen printer:

Step 1: Ensure the printer is switched on.

Step 2: Touch “Menu” on your printer’s “Menu”.

Step 3: Select “Network”.

Step 4: Now, select “WLAN”.

Step 5: Tap on “WPS PIN code”.

Step 6: Your screen will display an eight-digit pin. This is your WPS pin.

We believe once you have done these steps, you will find the WPS pin for my Brother Printer.

But, if your printer does not display the pin, we advise you to contact Brother Support. They will be happy to offer further assistance.