HP Printer Error ff04 [How to Fix]

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the HP printer error ff04.

Causes of the HP Printer Error ff04

The HP printer error ff04 is a firmware error that is caused by the following:

i. Corrupted information

ii. Void procedures

iii. Wrong printing commands, etc.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix HP Printer Error ff04

Before you try the troubleshooting steps below, disconnect your HP printer from the wireless or wired network and connect it to your computer directly. If the HP printer error ff04 persists, continue with the troubleshooting.

1. Print another File

Now try printing another document to determine if the error is caused by the file you wanted to print. If that doesn’t work and the HP printer error ff04 persists, continue with the troubleshooting below.

We recommend that you read this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] to learn how to fix other HP printer errors.

2. Clear Print Jobs that are pending

Step 1: Clear the jobs on the print queue.

Step 2: Connect the data cord and then turn on your printer.

Step 3: Wait for one minute to enable the network to be reestablished.

Step 4: If your printer doesn’t display the error after the step above, print a test page.

If your printer still displays the image after you print out the test page, then it means the driver is corrupted.

3. Update your HP Printer Firmware

Step 1: Clear the print queue.

Step 2: Restart your HP printer.

Step 3: Update your HP printer firmware.

To update the printer firmware, we recommend you follow the instructions under the “Update your Printer Firmware” subsection of this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – How Do I Fix the Printhead Error on My HP Printer.

Step 4: Try to print a document.

If your printer displays the HP printer error ff04 after doing the above, continue with the troubleshooting.

4. Turn the Printer’s RAM Disk Off

How to Turn off HP Printer’s RAM Disk

To turn off your HP printer’s RAM disk, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your printer’s control panel.

Step 2: Go to “Config Device”.

Step 3: Got to “System Setup”.

Step 4: Select “RAM Disk”.

Step 5: Change the setting to “OFF”.

5. Remove Installed Firmware DIMM and EIO Devices

If you installed any firmware DIMM or EIO device on your HP printer, then you need to remove them. After removing them, reboot your printer.

Once your printer is back online, begin to reinstall the EIO devices one by one. Any time you reinstall an EIO device, check if the error reappears. If the error reappears when you are reinstalling a particular device, then such device has to be replaced.

If none of the above troubleshooting resolves the error, then you should contact HP support for further assistance.

HP Printer Error ff04 FAQs

How do I Fix the HP Printer Error Code 0XB9000009165?

To fix the HP printer error code 0xB9000009165, ensure that there is no jammed paper in the printer.

Other solutions to the HP printer error code 0xB9000009165 are:
i. Reset your printer setting
ii. Adjust the printhead
iii. Remove damaged cartridges
iv. Update the printer driver
v. Clean the cartridges if they are dirty

How do I Fix an HP Envy 4500 Printer Error Code 0x83c0000a?

To fix the HP Envy 4500 printer error code 0x83c000a, do these solutions:
i. Make sure power is properly supplied to your printer
ii. Reset your printer
iii. Reinstall the ink cartridges

In this link: How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0x83c0000a, we discuss the solutions above as well as other solutions to this error in detail.