HP Printer Error 11 [How to Fix]

One of the errors HP printer users complain about is the HP printer error 11. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to fix the HP printer error 11 within minutes.

What Causes the HP Printer Error 11

The HP printer error 11 occurs when the memory chip of your toner cartridge is missing or you are yet to remove the packaging material of your toner cartridge. Therefore, this error occurs on HP LaserJet printers rather than InkJet printers.

When this error occurs, your printer’s Attention LED and the Supply LED will blink while the Ready LED will stay on.

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How to Fix the HP Printer Error 11

To fix the HP printer error 11, do the following:

Examine your Toner Cartridge

You need to check and confirm that the cartridge’s memory chip isn’t damaged or missing. You also need to confirm that the packaging material has been removed.

How to Examine your Toner Cartridge

Follow the steps below to examine your toner cartridge:

Step 1: Open the access door to your toner cartridge.

Step 2: Grab the cartridge handle and pull it out of the printer.

Step 3: Confirm that the packaging material has been removed.

Step 4: Check for damages on the cartridge’s memory chip. Also, confirm that it isn’t missing.

If you find any issue with the chip, then it means you have to get a new toner cartridge. When getting a new toner cartridge, ensure that you buy a genuine HP toner cartridge instead of a generic one. The use of non-genuine no-HP cartridges can also lead to other HP printer errors.

However, if you didn’t find any issue, then reinstall the cartridge into your printer. If you don’t know how to reinstall the cartridge, consult your printer’s user manual. Ensure that the cartridge is properly seated in place within the printer. This is important to prevent further issues from arising.

Try printing a document. If it prints, then the error has been resolved.

However, if you are unable to print, then you need to contact HP support to service your printer. When you contact a customer service provider, a date will be scheduled for the repair. Please bear in mind that you will be charged a repair fee if your printer is no longer under warranty. If the product cannot be repaired, a replacement will be provided; this only applies to products that are still under warranty.