HP Printer Error 59.f0 [How to Fix]

To fix the HP printer error 59.f0, read this article to the end and follow the instructions carefully.

What is HP Printer Error 59.F0?

The HP printer error 59.f0 occurs when the printer’s internal motor has an issue. The main cause of this is transfer alienation failure which is a situation whereby the ITB becomes stuck and it is unable to rotate. Another reason for this error is when the printer’s SR9 sensor has an issue.

Methods to Fix HP Printer Error Code 59.f0

You can fix the error by trying the following methods:

1. Reset your HP printer

i. Reset your HP printer’s settings.

ii. Remove the printer if it is connected to a surge protector.

If the above doesn’t work, try the method below.

2. Reset your HP Printer’s Fuser Assembly

How to Reset your HP Printer’s Fuser Assembly

To reset your HP printer’s fuser assembly, do the following:

Step 1: Power off your HP printer for some minutes.

Step 2: If your printer is connected to a surge protector, remove it and plug it directly into a wall outlet.

Step 3: Power on your HP printer.

Step 4: Once your HP printer has booted fully, reinstall the fuser assembly to reset it.

Step 5: Carry out a sensor test using the sensor monitor mode to confirm the proper operation of the primary transfer disengagement.

Step 6: Carry out the alienation drive.

Once you have done the above, you should print a test page to examine your print quality.  

3. Reset the Printer’s ITB

How to Reset HP Printer’s ITB

To reset your HP printer’s ITB, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the printer’s right door.

Step 2: Hold the blue levers.

Step 3: Drag the transfer belt assembly diagonally towards you.

Step 4: Keep dragging the belt out until the 2 big handles become free.

Step 5: Grab the big handles and then resume pulling the transfer belt to remove it completely.

Step 6: Install a new belt into the printer in a reverse manner compared to the way you pulled out the old one.

Step 7: Ensure that you don’t touch the belt’s surface during the installation.

Step 8: To reset the “New Transfer Kit Settings”, tap the button for “Home” on your printer’s control panel.

Step 9: Go to “Administration”.

Step 10: Click “Manage Supplies”.

Step 11: Choose “Rest Supplies”.

Step 12: Select “New Transfer Kit”.

Step 13: Highlight “Yes” using the navigation arrow keys.

Step 14: Press “OK”.

Once you have changed the transfer belt, carry out a full calibration. This will help to set the printer’s color tones, color pane, and drum.

You should also inspect the ITB’s internal connections to confirm that they are connected properly.

If your HP printer is displaying any other error message, read this: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] to learn how to resolve the error.

4. Test the Printer’s ITB

How to Test your HP Printer’s ITB

Follow the steps below to test your HP printer’s ITB:

Step 1: Rotate the ITB gear.

Step 2: Examine if the flag has any fluctuation when the white gear is turned.

Step 3: If you discover that there is damage to the flag, then the ITB needs to be replaced.

Step 4: If there is no damage, then the Sensor SR9 needs to be examined.

Continue with the steps below to learn how to examine the Sensor SR9.

Step 5: Take out the ITB gear.

Step 6: Find the Sensor SR9 in the ITB cavity.

Step 7: Go to your printer’s control panel, and press “Home”.

Step 8: Highlight “Diagnostics” using the navigation down arrow key.

Step 9: Press “Ok”.

Step 10: Choose “Manual Sensor Test”.

Step 11: Press “OK”.

Step 12: Check within the ITB cavity and free the SR9 flag.

Step 13: Check your printer’s display to see the response of your sensor when the flag is pressed.

Step 14: The Sensor SR9 should alternate between figures 0 and 1. If this doesn’t happen, it means the sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.

5. Contact HP Support

If none of the above clears the HP printer error message 59.f0, then you should contact HP support. They will be able to provide you with further assistance regarding the error.