HP Printer Error Typecheck Offending Command Setlinecap [How to Fix]

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the HP printer error typecheck offending command setlinecap.

This error usually occurs due to a problem associated with printing PDF files directly from your Google Chrome browser.

Methods to Fix the HP Printer Error Typecheck Offending Command Setlinecap

To fix the HP printer error typecheck offending command setlinecap, try the methods below:

1. Use a Private Browser Window

This feature is used to open a private window that provides you with privacy and anonymity while you browse the web. When in this mode, your downloaded files, history, and activities are not saved. This method solves the offending command error by providing you with a new process.

This private feature is found in the most common browsers; although it might go by different names. For example, Chrome calls it “Incognito Window”, while Firefox calls it “Private Window”.

In this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed], you will learn how to fix other HP printer errors and how to resolve them.

2. Send the File to your PDF Reader

As we said, trying to print PDF files directly from Chrome is usually responsible for this error. Therefore, you can avoid this error by downloading the file, then opening it with your PDF reader. An example of a good Reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Once the file is open on the reader, you can print it from the reader. This should fix the error.

3. Clear Cache

How to Clear Google Chrome Cache

Follow the steps below to clear the Google Chrome cache:

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Locate and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click on “More tools”.

Step 4: Click “Clear browsing data”.

Step 5: You could either change the time range or select “All time”. The latter choice is if you want all data cleared.

Step 6: Check the box for “Cookies and other site data”.

Step 7: Check the box for “Cached images and files”.

Step 8: Click on “Clear data”.

Note: This action will delete some of your website’s settings. You need to check such websites before you decide to clear the cache.

4. Change the Settings of your HP Printer

Usually, the Postscript driver setting is the cause of this error. Therefore, changing the setting to PCL5 driver will fix the error.

To do this, simply follow the instructions we shared earlier in this article under the How to Downgrade HP Printer Driversubsection.

HP Printer Error Typecheck Offending Command Setlinecap FAQs

What does Offending Command Mean?

Offending command means the most recent command that the PostScript (PS) interpreter was trying to process before an error occurred. It is usually the command responsible for the PostScript error.

What does Error Typecheck Mean?

Error typecheck means a PostScript error that occurred when the RIP comes across a wrong operand type. In other words, the operator expected a particular data type but got something different.

What Does Offending Command Image Mean?

An offending command image means that an image has an incorrect data amount. It could also mean that the PostScript interpreter is reading past the print job’s end while it renders an image.