HP Printer Error Undefined Offending Command New [How to Fix]

Follow the steps below to fix the HP printer error undefined offending command new.

Steps to Fix the HP Printer Error Undefined Offending Command New

1. Identify the Error

Since the error is undefined, you won’t know the solution to apply. Therefore, to identify the error, check the printed message on the paper. When this error occurs, it doesn’t print the actual document but the error message.

Once the error has been identified, move to step 2.

2. Separate the Error Source

This step can be somewhat difficult but not impossible. What you need to do is find out which element is responsible. When it comes to this error, the following postscript interpreters are usually the culprits:

  • Complex clipping paths
  • Complex fill patterns
  • Nested EPS image
  • Color gradation
  • Multiple fonts on a page
  • Images were rotated after insertion into the publication

To find out which of the above is responsible, separate each element from your document and try printing. Repeat this for each element until you find out which is responsible.  

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3. Do the Following after Identifying the Error

Once you know the reason behind the error, the steps to resolve the error now depend on the error type itself. Below are some offending commands and their respective possible solutions:

Offending CommandPossible Solution
AshowCheck word spacing, custom letter, subscript/superscript text, kerned text
AwidthdhowCheck baseline shift, subscript/superscript text, text justification
Clip, eoclipCheck text effects, radial or graduated fills
CurvetoCheck the curves complexities
DefCheck RIP memory and printer fonts
DictCheck RIP memory and printer fonts
Fill, eofillCheck complex paths that were drawn using a pressure-sensitive tool or complex paths that were auto-traced
GetCheck imported graphics
ImageCheck paint or scanned images
ImagemaskCheck paint or one bit scanned images
ItransformCheck very small elements
KshowCheck kerned text
LinetoCheck paths that have several points
MdLaser point wasn’t downloaded to the RIP

Apart from the above, you can try out these tips to fix the undefined offending command error:

i. Avoid using fonts of low quality from unreliable vendors.

ii. Do not engage in EPS graphics nesting.

iii. Ensure that the WIN.INI is not close to the size limit of 64k when you print from Windows.

iv. Delete and then reinstall the postscript driver via color span printing tools. Ensure that you install the most recent driver version.

HP Printer Error Undefined Offending Command New FAQs

What Does Imagemask Mean?

Imagemask (connected with 1-bit image bitmap fonts and graphics) means a PostScript offending command error that indicates that the bitmap data in your PS (PostScript) file has a problem.

What is a Limit Check Error?

A limit check error occurs when your printer is unable to print the job because it is too difficult for it. It could be that the resolution is too much or the RAM of the printer is low.

What is a Limit Check?

A limit check is used to decide if an entered value into a computing device is within the device’s acceptable maximum and minimum values.