HP Printer Error Rangecheck [How to Fix]

To fix the HP printer error rangecheck, follow the instructions provided in this article.

This offending command error occurs due to a faulty Postscript code. Follow the troubleshooting tips below to fix this error:

1. Change your HP Printer Driver

How to Change your HP Printer Driver

Do the following to change your HP printer driver:

Step 1: Open “Run” by pressing the “Windows” and “R” keys.

Step 2: Type “Control”.

Step 3: Click “OK”.

Step 4: Click “Hardware and Sound” in the window for the control panel.

Step 5: Click on “Devices and Printers”.

Step 6: Right-click your printer from the device list.

Step 7: Choose “Printer properties”.

Step 8: Click on the tab labeled “Option”.

Step 9: Expand the “Devices Options”.

Step 10: Click on the drop-down menu under “Configuration”.

Step 11: Choose your HP printer model.

Step 12: Click “Apply”.

Step 13: Click “OK”.

If it is Global print driver Postscript, do the following:

Step 1: Open the “Control Panel”.

Step 2: Click on “Hardware and Sound”.

Step 3: Click on “Devices and Printers”.

Step 4: Right-click your printer from the device list.

Step 5: Choose “Printer properties”.

Step 6: Click on the tab labeled “Administration”.

Step 7: Enlarge the “Configuration” option.

Step 8: Choose your HP printer model under “Configuration”.

Step 9: Click “Apply”.

Step 10: Click “OK”.

Step 11: Restart your HP printer.

Step 12: Try to print a document.

Confirm if the issue is fixed. If it is not, try the next troubleshooting tip.

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2. Change Driver to PCL6 from PS – HP Printer Error Rangecheck

How to Change Driver to PCL6 from PS

Remove your HP printer – Step 1

Do the following to remove your HP printer:

i. Click on “Start” on your computer.

ii. Click on “Settings”.

iii. Click on “Printers and Scanner”.

iv. Choose your HP printer.

v. Click on “Remove device”.

vi. Click on “Yes”.

Uninstall Printer Drivers – Step 2

Do the following to uninstall the printer drivers:

i. Press the “Windows” key.

ii. Type “control”.

iii. Click on “Control Panel”.

iv. Click on “Hardware and Sound”.

v. Click on “Devices and Printers”.

vi. Choose your HP printer from the list.

vii. Click “Properties”.

viii. Open the tab labeled “Drivers”.

ix. Choose your HP printer.

x. Click “Remove”.

xi. Click “Yes”.

Download the PCL6 Driver – Step 3

Do the following to download the PCL6 driver:

i. Go to the section for HP software and drivers on the HP website.

ii. Download “PCL6 Universal Print Driver”.

iii. Install the PCL6 print driver.

iv. Re-add your HP printer from your computer settings.

3. Other Troubleshooting

Confirm if the page is very large

  • You might encounter this error if the page you want to print is larger than the imagesetter.
  • If your HP printer doesn’t have paper tray selection support, this error might occur.

Check for very long path names

  • Embedded images with very long path names could cause this error.
  • If the name of the image is very long, shorten the name before saving it.