HP Printer Error 33.05.05 [How to Fix]

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the HP printer error 33.05.05.

The error 33.05.05 is a security alert error that is caused by a just downloaded firmware that suffered cryptographic failure; hence, the BIOS code couldn’t be validated.

To fix this error, you need to update the printer firmware via the Preboot menu with the aid of a USB flash drive.

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How to Update HP Printer Firmware via Preboot Menu – HP Printer Error 33.05.05

To update your HP printer firmware via the Preboot menu, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the printer firmware.

i. Go to this site.

ii. Decide which firmware is the current version for your HP printer model. After confirming, check if this version is the same as the one installed already. You can check the installed firmware version by printing a configuration page.

iii. Go to the download page.

iv. Download the printer firmware.

v. Extract the files.

Step 2:  After you extract the files, locate the file with the “.bdl” extension.

Step 3: Copy that file to your USB flash drive.

Ensure that your flash drive is in Fat32 format because your HP printer might not recognize other formats.

Step 4: Turn off your HP printer and then turn it on again.

If this doesn’t resolve the error, move to step 5.

Step 5: Turn off your HP printer.

Step 6: Go to the Preboot menu.

i. Turn your HP printer on.

ii. On your printer’s control panel, the HP logo will appear as well as a “1/8” and an underscore just beneath the logo. When this happens, touch the HP logo. This action will cause the Preboot menu to open.

Step 7: Update your HP printer firmware.

i. Move to and highlight “Administrator”

If you are unable to access the menu because it is locked, then you should log in with the administrator’s details.

ii. Move to and highlight “Download”.

iii. Insert the USB flash drive that has the firmware’s “.bdl” file into your printer’s USB port.

If the printer cannot find the file, ensure that the file is saved in the main directory instead of a folder. If the file is still not found, you should use another flash drive.  

iv. Move to and highlight “USB Thumbdrive”.

v. Move to and highlight the firmware “.bdl” file.

If there are two or more “.bdl” files in the flash drive, ensure you select the one that is for the current firmware version.

vi. Select “OK” and then wait for the completion of the upload.

vii. When “Complete” is displayed on your printer’s control panel, choose the back navigation arrow until you see “Continue”.

viii. Select “Continue”. Your HP printer will then reboot automatically and the update will begin.

While the update is going on, do not stop the process. The process could take as long as 30 minutes and sometimes more.

Step 8: Print out a configuration page as soon as your printer is in “Ready”.

Step 9: Check the firmware version on the configuration page and confirm that it is the new one.