HP Printer Error Output Bin Is Full [How to Fix]

In this article, we will share with you easy-to-follow steps to fix the HP printer error output bin is full problem.

Causes of the HP Printer Error Output Bin is Full

The following are the causes of the HP printer error output bin is full:

i. The output bin is indeed full.

ii. The flaps that are hanging outside the printer’s exit area are either stuck, dislodged, or damaged.

iii. There is a paper jam in the paper path under the cartridge area.

How to Fix HP Printer Error Output Bin is Full

You can fix the HP printer error output bin is full by doing the following:

i. Your printer’s output bin might be full. If this is the case, you need to empty the bin. Once you do this, your printer will automatically resume printing.

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ii. Carefully examine the flaps that hang outside the printer’s exit. They are supposed to freely go up and down. If one is broken, dislodged, or stuck up, then you will need to fix it. You will need to call a technician to do this. Contact HP if your device is still in warranty.

iii. Open the back exit tray. After that, turn your printer on. If it comes on and its state is “Ready”, then close the exit tray and print a document.

iv. Clean the printer’s paper path underneath the toner cartridge area. You should also clean the exit assembly at the rear of your printer. Make sure that no paper is stuck in the printer’s paper path.

v. If after doing the above, the error remains unresolved, you should contact HP Customer Support.

The above error is the same as “HP printer error standard top bin full”. Therefore, if your HP 5200 printer has the error “standard top bin full”, you can resolve the issue with the steps above.

HP Printer Error Output Bin Is Full FAQs

Where is Output Bin Sensor on HP?

The output bin sensor on HP printer is in the printer’s output tray.

Why does the Paper Get Stuck in the Printer?

Paper gets stuck in the printer for the following reasons:
i. The paper is damp
ii. Wrong paper quality or type
iii. Incorrect loading of the paper
iv. Dusty paper