HP Printer Error No Paper Pickup [How to Fix]

In this article, we will provide you with troubleshooting steps to fix the HP printer error no paper pickup.

The following could be the reasons for this error:

i. Improper tray settings

ii. Paper jam

iii. Damaged paper feed

iv. Dirty paper rollers

v. No paper in the tray

vi. Software issue

vii. Wrong paper grain direction

viii. Damaged paper, etc.

To fix this error, do the following troubleshooting:

1. Turn Off and Turn On your Printer

Sometimes, this simple action can fix the error. All you need to do is to turn off your printer and leave it off for a few seconds. After some seconds, turn on your printer.

2. Check Connections

A wrong connection between your printer and other devices such as your computer or router could be responsible for the error. Hence, you should do the following:

i. Check the connection between your computer and printer.

ii. If you use a wireless printer, ensure that your printer is connected to the wireless network that your computer is on.

iii. You might even have to reinstall the printer on your computer.

3. Check the Paper in Use

If the paper is not the right type or size, or it isn’t one recommended by HP for your printer model, this error might occur. Hence, check the paper and confirm that it is the right type, size, and it is HP-recommended for your printer.

4. Check for Obstructions in the Rear Tray – HP Printer Error No Paper Pickup

If there are any obstructions in the rear tray, it could be responsible for this error. Therefore, you need to check for such obstructions, and if you find any, you should turn your HP printer off, unplug it from the outlet before removing the obstruction.

5. Change Some Settings

Do the following:

Step 1: Turn the “Manual Feed Mode” off on your HP printer.

Step 2: Turn your printer off.

Step 3: Go to your computer’s “Control Panel”.

Step 4: Open the section for “Printers and Devices”.

Step 5: Choose your printer from the list.

Step 6: Right-click on your printer.

Step 7: Click “Printing Preferences”.

Step 8: Click “Paper/Quality”.

Step 9: Click on the “Source is” tab.

Step 10: From the list in the drop-down, click “Auto Select”.

Step 11: Click “Apply”.

Step 12: Click “OK”.

6. Reload the Print Tray

How to Reload the Print Tray

To reload the print tray, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove the papers from the print tray.

Step 2: Properly arrange the papers.

Step 3: Load the tray with the arranged papers.

Step 4: Steadily slide the guide into the print tray.

Step 5: Ensure that you push the print pray into your HP printer that it comes in contact with the printer’s feed rollers.

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7. Clean the Printer’s Pickup Roller

How to Clean HP Printer Pickup Roller

To clean your HP printer pickup roller, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your HP printer’s cover.

Step 2: Take the pickup roller out of your printer by pulling it.

Step 3: Clean the pickup roller with a dry lint-free cloth.

Step 4: Put the pickup roller back into your printer.

Note: When cleaning the pickup rollers, do not clean the feed rollers.