HP Printer Error Filter Failed [How to Fix]

To learn how to fix the HP printer error filter failed, read this article carefully.

The printer filter’s job is to convert your content’s data type to a different data format that your HP printer can accept.  

This error occurs when your HP printer’s filter isn’t compatible with your Mac or Windows operating system version. It could be caused as a result of improper driver installation, wrong paper settings, or disabled sharing options.

To fix this error, try out the solutions below:

1. Reinstall your HP Printer Drivers

The filter failed error can be fixed by reinstalling your printer drivers. If you don’t know how to do this, then you should follow the instructions we shared earlier in this article under the Reinstall Your Printer Driverssection.

2. Enable Your Computer’s Sharing Option

How to Enable Sharing Option on your Computer

Follow the steps below to enable your computer’s sharing option:

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon.

Step 2: Go to “Control Panel”.

Step 3: Click “System Settings”.

Step 4: Click the option for “Sharing”.

Step 5: Type the name of your system to enable pairing with your HP printer.

Step 6: Click “Exit”.

Step 7: Restart your PC.

3. Change Paper Settings

Another reason this error occurs is when the paper settings are incorrect when you want to print a PDF file. Hence, if this is the case, you can change the settings to fix this error.

How to Change the Paper Settings of a PDF

Follow the steps below to preview the document to be printed to change paper settings

Step 1: When you want to print a PDF, open the file’s “Main Menu” which can be found in a dialog box.

Step 2: Navigate to the section for PDF “Preview”.

Step 3: Click on “File”.

Step 4: Click on “Save…”

Step 5: Select “TIFF” once a dialog box opens.

Step 6: Open the window labeled “Resolution”.

Step 7: Click the button labeled “Pixels/inch”.

Step 8: In the blank field provided, type “600”.

Step 9: Click “Save”.

Step 10: Click “File”.

Step 11: Click “Export…”

Step 12: Click on “TIFF” again.

Step 13: Uncheck the box labeled “Alpha”.

Step 14: Click “Save”.

Step 15: Select “File”.

Step 16: Click the button labeled “Print”.

Once you are done with the above, select the right paper size and dimensions. Also, complete your HP printer settings. You will then have to reinstall the printer driver on your computer.

To learn about other printer errors we recommend that you read this: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed]. The errors discussed in that article are not covered in this article.

How to Fix HP Printer Error Filter Failed on Mac

To fix this HP printer error on your Mac computer, you will have to reset your HP printer’s settings.

How to Reset HP Printer Settings on your Mac

Follow the steps below to reset HP printer settings on your Mac:

Step 1: Click the Apple icon.

Step 2: Click the button labeled “System Preferences”.

Step 3: Via “Preferences”, find “Print and Fax” or “Print and Scan” (depending on your Mac OS version) and click on it.

Step 4: An option “Rest Printing” will be displayed after the device printer’s list blank text has been clicked.

Step 5: Click on “Reset” in the dialog box.

Step 6: Sign in as an “Admin” into your system.

Step 7: Click “OK”.

Step 8: Wait for the system to reset until the printer list doesn’t have any listed devices.

Step 9: Navigate to “System Preferences”.

Step 10: Select “Printers and Scanners”.

Step 11: Click on the (+) “Add” button.

Step 12: Once a list of printers is displayed, click on your HP printer.

Step 13: After the printer has been added, click “Print Using”. This action will cause “Airprint” to be chosen automatically.