HP Printer Error e0 [How to Fix]

In this article, we will provide you with solutions to the HP printer error e0.

The HP printer error e0 is usually displayed when the cartridge in use is actually unusable. In other words, the cartridge is dirty, faulty, damaged, missing, incorrect, or incompatible.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error e0

To resolve the HP printer error e0, try the solutions below:

1. Reseat the Ink Cartridges

How to Reseat Ink Cartridges in HP Printer

To reseat the ink cartridges in your HP printer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn off your HP printer.

Step 2: Open the cartridge access door.

Step 3: Take out the ink cartridges.

Step 4: Turn on your printer and wait for it to prompt you to insert cartridges.

Step 5: Once you are prompted, reinsert the cartridges and ensure they are properly seated in their slots.

You will have to insert the cartridges one after the other.

After you are done, check if the HP printer error e0 is resolved. If the error is not resolved, move to the next solution.

2. Clean the Contacts on the Ink Cartridges

To clean the contacts on the ink cartridges, dampen a soft lint-free cloth with an alcohol-based wipe. Then gently wipe the surface of the contacts to remove dust and dirt.

While cleaning the cartridge’s contacts, ensure that you don’t touch the nozzles.

After that, check if the HP printer error e0 is resolved. If the error is not resolved, move to the next solution.

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3. Restart your HP Printer

Follow the instructions on your user manual to restart your HP printer.

If restarting the printer doesn’t fix the error, then move to the next solution.

4. Replace the Ink Cartridge

If none of the above solutions fixes the error, then it means the cartridge or cartridges are damaged or incompatible. Therefore, you should get genuine HP cartridges and insert them into your printer.

Ensure that the cartridges you get are not just genuine but also compatible with your HP printer model.

HP Printer Error e0 FAQs

What is E0 error in Printer?

The E0 error in a printer occurs when the printer is unable to recognize the ink cartridge because it is incompatible, incorrect, missing, damaged, faulty or dirty.

Why is my Printer not Printing when the Ink is full?

Your printer is not printing when the ink is full due to several reasons which include an empty ink cartridge, incorrect cartridge installation, clogged nozzles.

If your HP printer is printing blank pages even when the ink is full, you should read this article: HP Printer Printing Blank Pages [Solved] to learn how to fix the issue.

How do I Fix my HP Printer not Printing Black Ink?

To fix your HP printer not printing black ink, do the following solutions:
i. Use genuine HP ink cartridges
ii. Replace the empty, low, or damaged black ink cartridge
iii. Clean the printhead

In this article: HP Printer Black Ink [Issues & Solutions] we discuss the solutions above in detail and provide solutions to other HP printer black ink issues.

How do I get my Printer to Recognize Ink Cartridges?

To get your HP printer to recognize ink cartridges, remove the cartridges, and then power reset your printer. Wait for about 10 minutes then reinsert the cartridges and turn on your printer.