HP Printer Error 62.80.15 [How to Fix]

In this article, we will provide you with 6 solutions to the HP printer error 62.80.15.

This HP printer error 62.80.15 occurs when there is a problem with the printhead.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error 62.80.15

To fix this HP printer error 62.80.15, try the solutions below:

1. Reset your HP Printer

To reset your HP printer, click this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – HP Printer Error Do Not Use Setup Cartridges, and then follow the instructions under the “Reset your HP printer” subsection.

2. Update your HP Printer Firmware

To update the printer firmware, we recommend you click this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – How Do I Fix the Printhead Error on My HP Printer, and then follow the instructions we shared under the “Update your Printer Firmware” subsection.

3. Reseat your Printhead

Another way to resolve the HP printer error 62.80.15 is to reseat your printhead three times.

How to Reseat HP Printhead

To reseat the printhead of your HP printer, follow the step below:

Step 1: Turn on your HP printer.

Step 2: Remove the power cable from your printer.

Step 3: Raise the carriage latch before lifting the printhead slightly.

Step 4: Return the printhead into the carriage and then shake it from left to right.

Step 5: Put down the carriage latch to secure the printhead.

Step 6: Shut the access door of the cartridge.

Step 7: Plug the power cable back into your printer.

Step 8: Wait for your printer to turn on.

Step 9: Check if the error is displayed.

If you still see the HP printer error 62.80.15, reseat the printhead three times.

If you can’t find the error message, then the issue has been resolved.

Note: The above steps do not work for all cartridge types.

Are you having trouble with any other errors? Read this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] to learn how to resolve the error.

4. Clean the Printhead

Dampen a soft lint-free cloth with either distilled or bottled water. Then take the cloth and clean the electrical contacts on the printhead.

Also, use another dampened cloth to clean the plastic ramps beside the ink nozzles. Then dry clean the contacts and the entire printhead.

For good measure, clean the contacts within your HP printer as well. 

5. Replace your HP Printhead

If cleaning the printhead doesn’t clear the error, then it could be that the printhead is damaged. Therefore, you need to replace the item.

When doing this, ensure that you get a genuine HP printhead and that the product is compatible with your printer model.

6. Service your HP Printer

If replacing the printhead doesn’t fix the error, then you should contact HP Support. You can then arrange when the repair or replacement (if need be) will be done.

HP Printer Error 62.80.15 FAQs

What Causes HP Printhead Failure?

HP printhead failure is caused due to a clog that happens over time as a result of dust or ink collecting in the printhead nozzle.
When the cartridge is not used frequently, it will lead to clogging in the printhead.

How often do Printheads need to be replaced?

Printheads should be replaced when your printer instructs you to do so via a message. Until you see this message, do not replace the printhead unless it is damaged.