HP Printer Error 30.03.45 [How to Fix]

This article will guide you on how to fix HP printer error 30.03.45.

This HP printer error 30.03.45 occurs when the printer’s scanner has an issue.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error 30.03.45

To fix this scanner HP printer error 30.03.45, try the solutions below:

1. Turn off your HP Printer and then turn it on again

A simple way to resolve this HP printer error 30.03.45 is to turn off your HP printer and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on.

If this doesn’t work, try the next solution.

2. Carry out a Partial Clean of your Printer Firmware

You should not that doing this will cause all your custom configurations, files, and settings to be removed. If these settings are important to you, then you can back it up via “Back up and Restore” under the tab labeled “General” in the EWS (Embedded Web Server).

How to Partial Clean your HP Printer Firmware

Follow the steps below to partial clean your HP printer firmware:

Step 1: Turn your HP printer on.

Step 2: On your printer’s control panel, the HP logo will appear as well as a “1/8” and an underscore just beneath the logo. When this happens, touch the HP logo. This action will cause the Preboot menu to open.

Step 3: With the aid of the arrow navigation button or the touchscreen’s scrollbar, highlight “Administrator”.

Step 4: Press “OK”.

Step 5: With the aid of the arrow navigation button or the touchscreen’s scrollbar, highlight “Partial Clean”.

Step 6: Press “OK”,

Step 7: Press “OK” again.

Step 8: Press “Back” once. This will select “Partial Clean”.

Step 9: Press “OK”.

Your HP printer will then boot “Ready”.

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3. Confirm that the Installed Firmware is Current

To do this, you will have to go to the HP website and download the current firmware. Before doing so, compare it with the one already installed.

If the installed firmware is out-of-date, then download and then install the current version.

4. Contact HP

If none of the above work, then you should contact HP support. They will speak to you and tell you what needs to be done.

HP Printer Error 30.03.45 FAQs

What is Error 6 on HP Printer?

The error 6 on an HP printer is usually a result of a glitch that occurs in printer firmware that is older than the 20150525 firmware.

Hence, the fix to this error is to upgrade your printer firmware. If that doesn’t work, then you need to replace the scanner.

What does E3 Mean on Printer?

The E3 error message on your printer means that there is a carriage jam in your printer.

To fix this error, click this link: How to Fix HP Printer Error Code E3 and follow the instructions.

What is Code 45 on HP printer?

Code 45 on an HP printer is an error that occurs in the computer’s device manager as a result of a corrupted or missing printer file.

To fix this error, you need to run SFC.

What does E4 mean on my HP Printer?

The E4 error on your HP printer means that there might be a paper jam inside your printer.

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