HP Printer Error 12 [How to Fix]

To fix the HP printer error 12, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Print a Configuration Page

How to Print a Configuration Page

To print a configuration page, do the following:

Step 1: Press the button labeled “Menu” or “Enter” on the printer’s control panel.

Step 2: With the aid of the arrow navigation buttons, select “Reports”.

Step 3: Press the button labeled “Menu” or “Enter”.

Step 4: With the aid of the arrow navigation buttons, select “Config Report”.

Step 5: Press the button labeled “Menu” or “Enter”.

This should print out the configuration page.

2. Update your HP Printer Firmware – HP Printer Error 12

To update the printer firmware, we recommend you click this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – How Do I Fix the Printhead Error on My HP Printer, and follow the instructions we shared under the “Update your Printer Firmware” subsection.

Updating the printer firmware should resolve the HP printer error 12. However, if this doesn’t work, you should contact HP support.

3. Manual Solution

You can also choose to resolve the HP printer error 12 manually. You should know that choosing this alternative will void your warranty if your product is still under warranty. Hence, we recommend this option for printers that are no longer under warranty. Also, if you are not handy with tools, we recommend you avoid this option.

Read this: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] if you are interested in learning more about HP printer errors and how to solve them.

To resolve the HP printer error 12 manually, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn off your HP printer and unplug the power cord from the printer and outlet.

Step 2: Raise your HP printer’s scanner lid.

Step 3: Remove the screws found on the upper panel.

Step 4: Raise the control panel’s menu sticker.

Step 5: Remove the screws found underneath.

Step 6: With the aid of your screwdriver, open the anterior display panel.

Step 7: Once the panel is opened and raised, you will find a strip attached to the panel. Pull the strip at its sides to separate it from the panel.

Step 8: Pull up the level to open the scanner’s glass enclosure.

When this is done, the scanner’s movable part will become visible.

Step 9: The movable part is supposed to be at the left end of the device. If it isn’t, you should move it to that position. Ensure that the part is firmly in place.

Step 10: Now reattach the strip to the anterior display panel.

Step 11: Reconnect the power cord and turn on your HP printer.

Once you turn on the printer, the scanner’s movable part will move slightly.

The status of the printer should be at “Ready”. However, if it is not, and the HP printer error 12 is displayed once again, then you will need to readjust the part again.

Once the printer’s status displays “Ready”, then retighten the screws into their original places.

HP Printer Error 12 FAQs

What does Scanner Error 13 mean?

The scanner error 13 means that your printer’s scanner isn’t interacting with the scale. This error also happens when the motor of your scanner cannot get its home position.

What does Scanner Error 22 mean?

Scanner error 22 occurs when pressure is added to the printer’s scanner glass.