HP Printer Alignment Failed [Reasons & Solutions]

If your HP printer says “Alignment Failed”, this article will provide you with reasons why this occurs and solutions you can use to fix this problem.

What Does Alignment Failed Mean On My HP Printer? [Answered]

The HP printer alignment failed message means that your HP printer is unable to properly get ink from the installed cartridges. While this is the most obvious meaning, several reasons could be responsible as well. Some of these other reasons include missing printing software, hardware malfunction, etc.

Why Does My HP Printer Say Alignment Failed? [Answered]

HP printer printhead alignment failed occurs due to the following reasons:

i. Pieces of paper are stuck in your HP printer.

ii. Non-genuine, damaged, or faulty ink cartridges.

iii. Wrongly installed ink cartridges.

iv. Physical damage to the printer.

v. Clogged printhead.

If the HP printer print cartridge alignment failed issue occurs on your HP c5580 or HP c4100 printer, the reasons we just listed are responsible.

How Do I Fix an Alignment Failed On My HP Printer? [Solved]

The solutions below will guide you on how to fix the alignment failure on an HP printer. Ensure that you do the solutions in the given order.

Manually Align your Printer – Solution 1

If your HP printer alignment keeps failing, then you need to manually align your printer. To manually align your printer, click this link: My HP Printer Won’t Print Alignment Page – Print the Alignment Page Manually and follow the instructions under the “Print the Alignment Page Manually – Solution 4” section.

Reset your HP Printer – Solution 2

If your Hewlett Packard printer alignment failed, resetting the printer should fix the problem. To reset your HP printer, click this link: My Printer Won’t Print Alignment Page – Reset your HP Printer, and follow the steps we shared under the “Reset your HP Printer – Solution 3” section.

After resetting your printer, check if the HP printer alignment error is resolved.

If the problem is not fixed, move to the solution below.

Use Genuine HP Ink Cartridges – Solution 3

If your HP printer alignment failed, it could be a result of using a non-genuine non-HP cartridge. Therefore, you need to check if the cartridge in use is genuine from HP.

To verify if the cartridge is genuine, do the following:

i. Check the cartridge box for a “QR Code”.

ii. Scan the code to confirm the cartridge’s genuineness.

iii. Check the HP Anti-counterfeit Page to learn more about genuine cartridges.

Check the Cartridge Ink Levels & Change the Empty or Low Cartridges – Solution 4

Do the following:

Step 1: Check the cartridge ink levels.

Follow the instructions below depending on your printer model or application in use.

Via Printer’s Control Panel: Find a cartridge or ink drop icon. Alternatively, you can look for the menu for “Ink Levels”.

Via HP Smart App: Check the app’s home screen for the printer’s estimated ink levels.

Via your Printer Software: Click-open your HP printer software. After that, click on the option for “Ink Levels” or “Supplies”.

On DeskJet GT, Smart Tank, and Ink Tank printers: Check your printer’s ink tank window. Most of these printers have a line on the window that indicates the minimum ink that your printer should have.

Step 2: If your printer has empty or low ink, replace the cartridge if your printer uses a cartridge. If you own a printer with a tank, refill the tank.

After doing the above steps, try to align your HP printer.

If you still experience an HP printer ink alignment failure, try the next solution.

If you are having an HP printer alignment issue that we didn’t discuss here, you can read this article: HP Printer Alignment [How To/Issues & Solutions] for a more detailed discussion on HP printer alignment.

Clean the Cartridges or Printheads with an Automated Tool – Solution 5

To clean the cartridges or printheads or cartridges, use any of the following:

i. Touchscreen Printers with Control Panel: From your printer’s “Settings”, go to the menu for “Tools” or “Setup”. Select the option that cleans the cartridges or printheads.

ii. HP Smart App (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10): Open the HP Smart App, then click on your HP printer. Click on “Print Quality Tools” and choose the option that cleans the cartridges or printheads.

iii. HP Printer Assistant (Windows): Once the Assistant is open, click on “Maintain Your Printer”. After that, choose the option that cleans the cartridges or printheads.

iv. HP Utility (Mac): Open the Utility tool and click on the option that cleans the printheads or cartridges.

After cleaning the cartridges or printheads, check if the problem is fixed. If it is not, clean the cartridges or printheads again. After cleaning them thrice and the problem is not fixed, move on to solution 6.

Clean the Printhead Manually – Solution 6

To clean your printer’s printhead manually, click this: HP Printer Printing Blank Pages – How to Clean the HP Printhead via Hand, and follow the instructions under the “Clean the HP Printhead via Hand” section.

Replace Non-functioning Printheads or Cartridges – Solution 7

If the alignment page has missing colors or defects, it could lead your printer’s sensor to read the page wrongly and also lead to an alignment failure. Hence, you need to check the alignment page for any of these issues. If you find missing sections or colors, replace the printheads or cartridges that are faulty.

Note: The alignment page of your printer might have black ink alone or multiple colors. Nevertheless, a larger percentage of alignment pages contain a sequence of blocks and lines.

Important: When replacing the cartridge, ensure that you remove the protective tape and plastic. This is one of the reasons why the HP printer error message “alignment failed” occurs. Also, when installing the cartridge, ensure that you install it in the right slot and that it is seated correctly.

The printhead below is compatible with HP OfficeJet Pro 8100, 8600, 8610, 8620, 8630, 8625, 8635, and 8640 printers.

Clear Jam in your Printer – Solution 8

To clear the jam in your HP printer, we recommend that you read this article: HP Printer Jam [Issues & Solutions] carefully and follow the instructions that apply to your printer model. 

Uninstall and then Reinstall your Printer Driver – Solution 9

To uninstall and then reinstall your HP printer driver, click on this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – Uninstall and Reinstall your HP Printer, and follow the instructions.

Note: You need to uninstall the driver completely to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Service your HP Printer – Solution 10

To service your HP printer, you should contact HP Customer Support to schedule a date when your printer will be repaired. The repair is free for printers under warranty. If your printer is no longer under warranty, you can call any reliable technician.

The solutions above apply to the following models if your HP printer alignment failed:

HP Photosmart b210, HP envy 110, HP envy 4500, HP 7520, HP 7510, HP Officejet 8500, HP Deskjet 1050, HP Deskjet 3050, HP 6110, HP 6510, HP 6500a, HP Photosmart 7525, HP Photosmart 7515, HP 8600, and HP Officejet 6500, HP Officejet 6600, and HP Deskjet 1510.

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