HP Printer Error No Filtering [How to Fix]

This article will guide you on how to fix the HP printer error no filtering.

The “no filtering” error occurs when there is no or a bad connection to the wireless network your printer is connected to. In most cases, an upgrade or update of the driver or firmware can be responsible for this error. Also, hard resetting your printing or trying to restore your network can cause the error.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error No Filtering

To fix the HP printer error no filtering, do the following:

1. Restore Default Settings of the Wireless Network

How to Default Settings of HP Printer’s Wireless Network

To restore the default settings of your HP printer’s wireless network, do the following steps:

Step 1: Press down the button for “Wireless”.

Step 2: Use the arrow keys to navigate your printer and select “Wireless Default”.

This action should restore the default settings of your wireless network.

If your HP printer is displaying any other error, read this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed], and then follow the instructions that address the error you just encountered.

2. Do the Following Check on your Router

Step 1: Check the power connection stability to your router.

Step 2: Make sure that your router isn’t overheated.

Step 3: Check the signal strength of the router.

Step 4: Make sure that all the cables between your router and computer are properly connected.

Step 5: Ensure that your printer isn’t too far from your router.

Step 6: Reconnect any slack cable connections.

Step 7: Examine the coax cable that is plugged into the port of the WAN.

To do this, unplug the router’s power cord. Then remove the coax cable from the WAN port. After that, check the inner part of the connectors and confirm that it isn’t broken or bent. The coax cable length should be inspected for physical damages as well.

3. Assign a Manual IP Address to your HP Printer

To assign a manual IP address to your HP printer, follow the instructions in this link: HP Printer Error Documents Waiting – Assign your HP Printer an IP Address.

HP Printer Error No Filtering FAQs

What does it mean no Filtering Fail HP Printer?

The no filtering fail on an HP printer means that the router your printer is connected to is filtering (a setting that prevents a device from connecting).

What is Filtering on a Printer?

Filtering on your printer is when certain installed programs change a file’s content type to a type of content that your printer can readily accept and print.

What does it mean when printing Filter Failed?

The printing filter failed is an indication that your device is wrong or faulty. It could be that the printer isn’t compatible with your computer’s operating system.

How do I Turn off MAC address Filtering on my HP printer?

To turn off Mac address filtering on your HP printer, uncheck the “Mac Filtering” box. You can find this feature under “Advanced Settings” in your “Firewall” settings.