HP Printer Error 388 [How to Fix]

In this article, we will provide you with 3 solutions to the HP printer error 388.

The HP printer error 388 occurs when the connection of the phone line is disrupted. It can also be due to wrong application deletion, incomplete system files installation or hardware issues.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error 388

To fix HP printer error 388, try the solutions below:

1. Carry out a Fax Test

How to carry out a Fax Test on your HP Printer

To carry out a fax test on your HP printer, do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the home screen on the control panel.

Step 2: Press the “Fax” button.

Step 3: Scroll down and select “Setup”.

Step 4: Select “Tools”.

Step 5: Choose “Test Fax”.

Once you do this, your HP printer will then reveal the test status before printing out a document.

Step 6: Wait for some seconds before taking out the print reports of the fax test.

Step 7: Go through the document carefully.

If you find that your printer approves the test but the error is still displaying, you should check the fax configurations shown in the report to create precise setups. An inaccurate or empty fax setup could cause the error.

If you find that your printer didn’t complete the test, assess the report to get further insight on how to resolve the error.

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2. Build a New Connection

How to Build a New Connection

To build a new connection, do the following:

Step 1: Pick another time or day (not when the error occurred) and try establishing a fax connection. Trying at another time will allow the positions of the telephone line to improve.

Step 2: On the receiver’s device the V. 34 should be deactivated. You should use the V. 17 setting to make the transmission.

3. Plug your HP Printer Cord into a Wall Outlet

HP recommends that their printers be connected directly to an electric wall outlet and not surge protectors. Therefore, if yours is connected to a surge protector or a power strip, you should unplug it and then plug it directly into a wall outlet.     

HP Printer Error 388 FAQs

What is Error 344 HP Fax?

The HP fax error 344 indicates that the remote fax machine encountered a response failure to a particular fax command sent from the local fax machine as a result of connection interruption.

What is Error 350 HP Fax?

The HP fax error 350 occurs due to a connection interruption between the remote fax machine and the local fax machine which causes the former not to respond to a fax command from the latter.

What is Error 321 on HP Fax?

Error 321 on HP fax is a result of a communication error or failed telephone connection with the remote fax machine (receiver).

What is Error 351 on an HP Officejet Fax?

Error 351 on an HP Officejet fax means that the remote fax machine was unable to receive a fax command that was sent by the local fax machine due to connection interruption.