My HP Printer Doesn’t Print Continuously It Stops After 1 Print

If you’re grappling with the vexing situation where ‘my HP printer doesn’t print continuously it stops after 1 print,’ relief is in sight. This article is a comprehensive guide that walks you through a systematic troubleshooting process to get your HP printer back in optimal condition.

My HP Printer Doesn't Print Continuously It Stops After 1 Print
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Check Basic Setup

Before diving into more advanced troubleshooting steps, it’s important to confirm that the basics are correctly set up. Here’s how to do it:

Power Source

Believe it or not, sometimes the issue can be as simple as a power source problem. Confirm that your printer’s power cord is securely plugged into a functioning electrical outlet and that the printer itself is switched on.

If you’re unsure about the outlet, try plugging in another device to see if it receives power.


Whether your printer is connected via USB or wirelessly, you need to ensure that the connection is secure. For a USB connection, make sure the cable is plugged in tightly at both ends — the printer’s and the computer’s.

For wireless printers, double-check that the printer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network by printing a network configuration page from the printer’s control panel.

Paper Tray

Check the paper tray to ensure it’s adequately filled with paper. If the tray is empty or misaligned, it could disrupt the print cycle.

Make sure that the paper is loaded according to the instructions in your printer’s user manual, paying special attention to maximum load levels and paper alignment guides.


A depleted or misaligned ink/toner cartridge can also cause printing issues. Open your printer’s front cover and visually inspect the cartridges. If any cartridges are low or empty, replace them. Ensure that each cartridge is snapped securely into its respective slot.

You can get these replacement HP 67 Black/Tri-color Ink Cartridges from Amazon if you own an HP DeskJet 1255, 2700, 4100 Series, or HP ENVY 6000, 6400 Series.

Update Printer Drivers

Outdated or corrupted drivers can create several printer problems, including the issue you’re facing. Updating your drivers can often resolve such problems.

Start by visiting the official HP Support website. This is the most reliable source for downloading the latest drivers for your HP printer.

Once on the website, use the search bar to enter your printer’s model number. It’s usually located on the front or back of the printer. After typing it in, click the corresponding search result to proceed.

Scroll down until you find the ‘Drivers’ section. Download the driver that is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Usually, the website will automatically detect your OS and offer appropriate driver options.

After downloading, locate the driver file on your computer (often in the ‘Downloads’ folder) and double-click it. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Restart your computer and printer after the installation is complete to ensure the new drivers take effect.

Clear Print Queue

A jammed print queue can disrupt the printing process and needs to be cleared. Here’s how:

Go to the Control Panel on your computer, usually accessible from the Start Menu. Once inside, find and click on ‘Devices and Printers.’

Right-click on the icon representing your HP printer and select ‘See what’s printing.’ This will open the print queue window, displaying a list of pending print jobs.

Select each print job and then click ‘Cancel.’ This will remove the job from the queue. It’s advised to clear all jobs to ensure that none are causing the issue.

Once the queue is clear, try printing a test page. If it prints successfully, you can proceed with your other print jobs.

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Check Printer Preferences

Incorrect printer settings can cause your printer to behave unexpectedly. Here’s how to review and change them:

Go back to ‘Devices and Printers’ in the Control Panel, right-click on your printer’s icon, and select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the dropdown menu.

In the window that opens, review each tab for settings that could be affecting your print jobs, like ‘Print One Copy’ or similar limitations. Make any necessary adjustments.

After changing the settings, don’t forget to click ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ to save the new configurations. It’s important to remember that these settings will be applied to future print jobs unless changed again.

Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP has developed a diagnostic tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor that can resolve many printer-related issues automatically.

Visit the HP Print and Scan Doctor website to download the tool.

After downloading the program, locate the file on your computer and double-click it to open it. The program will automatically start scanning for printer issues.

Once the tool detects your printer, click ‘Start’ on the printer you wish to fix. The program will then conduct a series of tests to identify the issue.

HP Print and Scan Doctor will prompt you with a set of instructions to resolve the identified issues. Follow them closely for the best results.