HP Printer Fuser Error [How to Fix]

Use the solutions provided in this article to fix the HP printer fuser error.

Solutions to the HP Printer Fuser Error

To fix the HP printer error 50.2 fuser error, do these solutions:

1. Reset your HP Printer

Follow the instructions we shared under the “Reset your HP printer” subsection of this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – HP Printer Error Do Not Use Setup Cartridges.

Resetting your printer should fix the issue. However, if the issue remains, then move to solution 2.

2. Reset your HP Printer and Wait for 25 Minutes

The fuser error might occur on your HP printer when the temperature of the fuse gets too hot. Hence, resetting your printer and allowing the fuser to get cool can resolve the issue.

How to Reset your HP Printer to Allow the Fuser to Get Cool

Therefore, follow the steps below to reset your HP printer to allow the fuser to cool:

Step 1: Turn off your printer.

Step 2: Unplug the power cable from your printer.

Step 3: Wait for about 25 minutes.

Step 4: Plug the power cable into your printer.

Step 5: Turn on your HP printer and wait for it to start.

Step 6: Try to print a document.

If this fixes the error, don’t continue to solution 3.

However, if the error is not resolved, move to solution 3.

Read this: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] to learn more about other HP printer errors.

3. Plug your HP Printer into an Electric Wall Outlet before Resetting the Printer

The fuser error might be due to power issues. Therefore, if you are using a surge protector, you will have to remove your printer from the protector and connect it directly into an electric wall outlet.

If your printer is not connected to a surge protector, you can move to solution 4.

After that, you will need to reset your HP printer. Once the reset is complete, try to print a document.

If this solution fixes the error, then you don’t have to continue with solution 4.

If the issue isn’t fixed, then move to solution 4.

4. Service your HP Printer

If the above solutions do not solve the error, then you need to contact HP Customer Support for a repair or even need be a replacement. 

HP Printer Fuser Error FAQs

What is Fuser Error on Printer?

The fuser error on printer is an indication that your printer has detected that the fuser unit has a problem.

What Causes Fuser Error?

The fuser error occurs when the temperature of the fuser unit is very high. Another cause of the fuser error is incorrect connection of the fuser unit to the printer.

What is 50 Fuser Error?

The 50 fuser error is an indication that your fuser unit has to be replaced because it is damaged or has exceeded its life-span.

How do you Fix a 50.9 Fuser Error?

To fix a 50.9 fuser error, you need to replace the fuser unit. You will need to remove the old fuser unit from your printer and then install a new unit.

What is a Fuser in HP printer?

The fuser in HP printer is a unit made of two rollers that are heated. The fuser unit uses heat and pressure to imprint the toner on the paper inserted into the printer.

Where is Fuser Located?

The fuser unit is located inside your printer at the back of the drum units.

How Long does a Fuser Last?

The fuser in your printer should last long enough to print 75,000 to 300,000 pages after which you have to replace the fuser unit. The range above depends on the model of your printer.