HP Printer Errors with AutoCAD [How to Fix]

In this article, we will guide you on how to fix HP printer errors with AutoCAD.

The HP printer errors with AutoCAD could be due to the installed printer driver not being recognized or that it isn’t working. Also, HP printers that aren’t supported could cause this error.

HP Printer Errors with AutoCAD Troubleshooting

To fix HP printer errors with AutoCAD, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Uninstall the Printer Driver

Since the printer driver is usually the cause of the error, you need to uninstall the driver that is currently on your computer. You should also remove every additional file that is related to your HP printer.

2. Install an Up-to-date Driver

You will need to visit the HP website page for driver and software to download the printer driver. After downloading it, you will have to install it on your computer. You might have to get a universal HP printer driver if your printer is one of those that require such.

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3. Install Legacy Printer Driver

This is best for those legacy HP printers. Some printers with legacy printer drivers are:

  • DesignJet 800
  • DesignJet 500 PCL
  • DesignJet 500 HP-GL/2
  • DesignJet 110 Plus 

4. Set up a Generic Driver

You can do this via AutoCAD to generate a PC3 printer that will be compatible with your HP printer. Follow the steps below to do this:

Step 1: On the command line of the AutoCAD, type “PLOTTERMANAGER”.

Step 2: Double-click on “Add-A-Plotter Wizard”.

Step 3: Choose “My Computer”.

Step 4: Choose “Hewlett-Packard”.

Step 5: Choose your HP printer model. If you can’t find your exact printer model, select the closest model.

Step 6: If the driver you select doesn’t work, try other models until you get a match.

5. Other Solutions

If the above drivers do not work, try the following:

i. Create a PDF of the drawing from the AutoCAD program. After that, print the PDF directly from a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader.

ii. Create with AutoCAD 2014 or an earlier version. You could also use DWG TrueView 2014 or an earlier version.

HP Printer Errors with AutoCAD FAQs

Why is AutoCAD not Printing?

AutoCAD is not printing as a result of the following: The plotter configuration is incorrect, the Layers setting is either turned off or on “No Plot”, corrupted layer.

Other causes responsible for the AutoCAD not printing are:
i. Camera coordinates are incorrect
ii· Corrupted or outdated printer driver
iii· Overridden individual layer states
iv· The color type of the layer is incorrect
v· Incorrect shade plot plotter settings
vi· Corrupted or frozen viewports
vii· Customizations of CTB files, etc.

How do I Reset AutoCAD to Default Settings?

To reset AutoCAD to default settings, go to your AutoCAD application from the All Apps or All Programs, and then click on “Reset Settings to Default”.

Why is my Plot Blank AutoCAD?

Your plot is blank in AutoCAD due to the following: The PC3 file’s option for lines merge has been enabled, the objects’ setting is white, the background color setting of the plot is black.
Other possible reasons are:
i· The view scale is smaller or larger than the actual size of the paper
ii· The viewport is corrupted
iii. The initial save file format (legacy) got corrupted
iv· The view is looking so small because of an object that is so far from the drawing’s origin

What are AutoCAD Defpoints?

AutoCAD Defpoints is a basic layer system that AutoCAD, as well as IntelliCAD, uses.