HP Printer Error Clear Output Tray Area [How to Fix]

To fix the HP printer error clear output tray area, try any of the solutions below.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error Clear Output Tray Area

The following are solutions to the HP printer error clear output tray area:

1. Return the Sensor Flag Rod to Its Original Position

A sensor flag might be sticking out of position and could lead to the HP printer error clear output tray area. Therefore, you need to locate the rod and return it to its position.

To locate the sensor flag rod, look for the lever that is hanging in the printer’s paper path. As paper comes out of your printer, this lever goes up and down. This lever is attached to a rod that has a flag on its other end. The flag goes in and out of your printer’s sensor.

If your HP printer is displaying any other error, read this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed] to find out how to resolve the error.

2. Remove Dirt from the Sensor

Inside your printer, there is a gear set at the printer’s output door and another one close to the duplexer at the lower left of the door. A sensor is attached to this particular gear as it monitors their movement.

If this sensor gets dirty, it will block certain reference lines on the sensor that allow them to function properly. Therefore, you will need to remove any dirt you find. Here’s how to go about it:

How to Remove Dirt from the Sensor

Follow the steps below to remove dirt from the sensor:

Step 1: Remove your HP printer’s rear cover. You might need to use a screwdriver to ensure that the gears become visible.

Take note that doing this will void your warranty. Therefore, if your product is still under warranty, you should contact HP for repairs. However, if your product is out of warranty, you can go ahead with this solution.

Step 2: As the sensor becomes visible, use compressed air to blow the dirt off the sensor as well as the wheels it uses.

HP Printer Error Clear Output Tray Area FAQs

What does Output Tray Full mean?

The output tray full means that the output tray of your printer is full.

What is an Output Bin on a Printer?

The output bin on a printer is the area where the print jobs exit the printer after they have been printed.

Why does my HP Printer keep Saying Output Bin Full?

Your HP printer keeps saying output bin full because one of the flaps that hang at the printer’s exit is dislodged, broken, or stuck up.

Where is the Output Bin on an HP Printer?

The output bin on an HP printer is found at the area where paper exits the printer after the print job is completed.

How do I Clear the Jam in my HP Output Bin?

To clear the jam in your HP printer output bin, you need to remove the jammed paper from the output bin.

This link will provide you with further information on how to do this.

What is an Input Tray?

An input tray is a printer’s tray that functions as the printer’s paper source. It is the tray where the paper is loaded into the printer.