HP Printer Error 10.00.10 [How to Fix]

In this article, we will discuss 4 solutions to the HP printer error 10.00.10.

The 10.00.10 and 10.01.11 errors are associated with issues with the supply memory. This, in turn, occurs when the toner cartridge’s metal contacts are not connecting correctly with your printer’s contacts.

Hence, your HP printer is unable to detect the cartridge which leads to the error message.

Solutions to Fix HP Printer Error 10.00.10

To fix the HP printer error 10.00.10, try any of the solutions below:

1. Remove the Toner Cartridge Packing and the Protective Stripes

New toner cartridges come with orange strips as well as plastic clips that protect the item from getting damaged. These strips and clips have to be removed once you are about to install the toner cartridge into your HP printer. If you fail to remove them, your printer will be unable to detect the cartridge. This will lead to the error under discussion.

The clips can be easily located as they stick out and are visible to see. The protective strip, on the other hand, can be found at the side of your toner cartridge. The strip comes with an orange ring which has to be pulled if you want the strip removed. In some cases, the strip comes with a cellophane piece.

In this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed], we provide solutions to different HP printer errors.

2. Pull out any Compressed Metal Contact

As we said earlier, the contacts on your cartridge must connect correctly with those in your printer for your device to function properly. Therefore, if the metal connector inside your printer is compressed backward, your printer will not function well.

To resolve this, locate the compressed contact and pull it out gently. Ensure that you turn off your printer and unplug it completely before doing this to avoid electric shock.

Once you have pulled out the contact or contacts as the case may be, reinstall your toner cartridge. Ensure that it connects properly with the contacts within the printer.

3. Replace the Cartridge if it is Broken or Damaged

If your toner cartridge is damaged or broken at either of its sides especially in the slots that slide into the printer, then your printer might not work.

Therefore, take out your cartridge and examine the sides; check if any piece is broken. If you find any damage, the only solution is to replace the cartridge.

4. Update your HP Printer Software

If your firmware is outdated, it could also lead to this HP printer error 10.00.10. Therefore, you need to update your printer’s firmware.

To update the printer firmware, we recommend that you click this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – How Do I Fix the Printhead Error on My HP Printer, and then follow the instructions we shared under the “Update your Printer Firmware” subsection.

HP Printer Error 10.00.10 FAQs

Why does my HP printer Says Used Supply in Use?

Your HP printer says used supply in use because your printer detects that the installed toner cartridge has been used before. In other words, it occurs when you install a refilled cartridge.

What does it mean when Printer Says Memory is Low?

When your printer says the memory is low, it is a result of the Microsoft Window’s printer driver memory setting being too low.