HP Printer Error 0x61011bed [How to Fix]

This article will guide you on how to fix the HP printer error 0x61011bed within minutes.

Solutions to the HP Printer Error 0x61011bed

The HP printer error 0x61011bed is usually caused by a problem with the printer’s printhead. Therefore, you can fix the error using any of the methods below.

1. Reset your HP Printer

To reset your HP printer, click this link: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – HP Printer Error Do Not Use Setup Cartridges, and then follow the instructions under the “Reset your HP printer” subsection.

Resetting your printer should fix the HP printer error 0x61011bed. However, if the issue remains, then move to solution 2.

2. Clean the Ink Cartridges

To fix this issue, simply clean the cartridge with a cloth that is lint-free and moistened with isopropyl alcohol. When you wipe the cartridge, avoid touching the metal areas of the cartridge as well as the chip. This will prevent the electrical contacts from being damaged.

After cleaning the cartridges, dry them with a soft lint-free cloth. You can now reinstall them into your printer.

To confirm if the issue has been fixed, restart your printer.

If you are still experiencing the error, move to the next solution.

3. Reload your HP Printer with Papers 

How to Reload your HP Printer with Papers

Follow the steps below to reload your HP printer with papers:

Step 1: Confirm that the papers you want to load are the same in size.

Step 2: Arrange the paper stack properly.

Step 3: A minimum of 10 papers and a maximum of 25 papers is what you should load into the printer at any given time.

In this article: HP Printer Errors and Solutions [Detailed], we provide solutions to different HP printer errors.

4. Clean your HP Printer’s Rollers

How to clean your HP Printer’s Rollers

Follow these steps to clean your HP printer’s rollers:

Step 1: Turn off your HP printer.

Step 2: Disconnect all cables such as USB and Ethernet from your printer.

Step 3: Open the printer’s access doors that allow you to see and reach the rollers.

Step 4: With the aid of a soft cloth, clean the rubber rollers.

Step 5: After that, use a soft cotton cloth to clean the other roller.

Step 6: Reconnect the cable to your printer.

Step 7: Try printing a document.

If it doesn’t print, move to the next solution.

5. Check the Paper Settings

You need to ensure that the paper settings on the tray and the printer are compatible.

To do this, refer to the instructions we shared in these links: HP Printer Errors and Solutions – Change the Size Settings of the Paper and HP Printer Errors and Solutions – Check the Settings of the Paper Source.

HP Printer Error 0x61011bed FAQs

What does HP Printer Code 0x61011bed mean?

The HP printer code 0x61011bed means that your printer head has a problem. This error also occurs during ink cartridge alignment.

Other causes of this error are:
i. The cartridge and printer communication path isn’t working properly
ii. The printer settings were changed

What does oxc19a0003 mean?

Oxc19a0003 is an error associated with a failure of your printer’s ink system. This error code is also displayed as 0xc19a003.