HP Printer Asking for PIN: Easy Troubleshooting Guide

Is your HP printer asking for PIN and you don’t know what to do? This guide will break down the possible reasons and solutions, whether you’re connecting to an HP 3700, setting up new cartridges, or facing other types of PIN prompts.

HP Printer Asking for PIN
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Why Is Your HP Printer Asking for PIN?

Your HP printer may ask for a PIN due to security features intended to prevent unauthorized access. Different types of PINs may be requested depending on the function you’re trying to access—whether it’s a WPS PIN for a wireless connection, a setup PIN for cartridges, or an email PIN for scan-to-email features. This guide covers each scenario extensively.

Common Scenarios and Detailed Solutions

Below are common scenarios where your HP printer might ask for a PIN and what you can do:

Connecting to Printer Asking Me for a PIN HP 3700

When trying to establish a wireless connection with an HP 3700 series printer, you might be prompted for a WPS PIN. This PIN is crucial for securing the wireless connection between the printer and your router. If your HP 3700 printer asks for a PIN, follow these detailed steps:

Switch on your HP printer and make sure it’s plugged into a reliable power source.

Go to the control panel on the printer. This is usually a small touchscreen or display on the printer itself.

Tap or click on the ‘Wireless’ button, which is typically represented by an antenna icon.

Look for an option labeled ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ or simply ‘WPS.’

Upon selecting this option, a PIN will be displayed on the screen. Quickly write this down.

Now move over to your computer or mobile device and go to the network settings.

Select your HP 3700 printer from the list of available devices.

When prompted, enter the WPS PIN that you wrote down. Make sure to do this within 5 minutes to ensure the PIN hasn’t expired.

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Adding HP Printer Asking for PIN

If you are in the process of adding a new HP printer to your computer or mobile device and it asks for a PIN, you’re encountering a similar security measure as described above. Here’s what you need to do:

Firstly, power on your HP printer.

Navigate to the printer’s control panel, which usually has a screen.

Select the ‘Wireless’ option or ‘Settings.’

Within this menu, look for ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ or ‘WPS’ and select it.

A PIN will be displayed on your printer’s control panel. Make note of this PIN.

Go back to your computer or device where you are adding the printer.

In the printer addition dialog, you will be prompted to enter a PIN. Use the PIN you noted down to complete the process.

HP Printer Asking for Setup Cartridges

If your HP printer is asking for a PIN when you are installing or replacing ink cartridges, this is an additional layer of authentication to ensure you are using genuine HP cartridges. Here’s how to proceed:

Make sure your HP printer is turned on.

Open the cartridge access door, usually located at the front of the printer.

Insert the new cartridge into the slot, making sure it clicks into place.

Close the cartridge access door.

You’ll see a prompt on the control panel asking for a PIN.

This PIN can be found on the cartridge’s original packaging. Enter this to complete the installation process.

Scan to Email from HP Printer Asking for PIN

When using scan-to-email features, you may be prompted for a PIN. This is to ensure that only authorized users can send emails from the printer. Follow these steps:

First, access your email account on your computer or mobile device.

Go to the account settings and find the ‘Security’ section.

Within the security settings, locate the option to create or change a secure PIN.

Once you’ve set or identified this PIN, return to the printer’s control panel.

Enter the PIN when prompted to complete the scan-to-email process.

HP Printer Asking for WPS PIN

If your HP printer is asking for a WPS PIN and not specifying a particular model, the process for finding and entering this PIN is quite similar to the above scenarios. This PIN is essential for the printer’s wireless connectivity:

Power on your printer.

Go to the control panel.

Tap on ‘Wireless’ or ‘Settings.’

Choose ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ or ‘WPS.’

A PIN will display on the screen. Write this down and use it to connect your device to the printer through your network settings.

How to Disable WPS PIN Prompt

Some users find the constant PIN prompts cumbersome. If you are confident that your network is secure and wish to disable the WPS PIN prompt, you can usually do so in the printer settings:

Turn on your HP printer and access its control panel.

Navigate to the ‘Wireless’ or ‘Settings’ menu.

Locate the ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ or ‘WPS’ option.

Within this menu, you should find an option to disable the PIN requirement. Select this to disable the WPS PIN prompt.

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Troubleshooting Tips

If you are facing issues with your HP printer asking for PIN and not accepting it, here are some general troubleshooting tips:

Ensure that you are entering the PIN within the stipulated time frame, as PINs often expire after a few minutes.

Restart your printer and router. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve connectivity issues.

Double-check if the PIN you are entering is correct. Ensure there are no typos or mistakes.

If nothing works, consider reaching out to HP support for further assistance.