HP 7520 Printer Stopped Working After Windows 10 Upgrade

If your HP 7520 printer stopped working after Windows 10 upgrade, this comprehensive guide will detail the steps you need to take to get your printer working seamlessly once again.

HP 7520 Printer Stopped Working After Windows 10 Upgrade
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Step 1: Identifying the Issue

At the onset of resolving the “HP 7520 printer stopped working after Windows 10 upgrade” challenge, it is critical to thoroughly identify the issue.

Start by inspecting any error messages displayed on your computer or the printer’s screen, and jotting down any codes or messages as they will be indispensable in the later stages of troubleshooting.

In addition, verify the operational status of other devices connected to your computer to rule out broader system issues. To gain a deeper insight, consider checking the printer’s log files or Windows event viewer for any anomalies or signs of failure.

This step lays a solid foundation, setting a clear pathway for the remedial steps that follow.

Step 2: Updating the Printer Driver

Moving forward, your next task is to ensure that your HP 7520 printer has the most recent driver that is compatible with Windows 10. First, navigate to the HP support website.

Upon reaching the support page, input your printer’s model in the designated field to find the corresponding drivers. Be meticulous in selecting the driver tailored for Windows 10.

Once the correct driver is located, proceed with downloading and installing it, adhering to the on-screen instructions for a seamless installation process. Remember to have your printer connected to the computer throughout the installation to facilitate a proper setup.

Step 3: Checking the Printer Connection

The third step is a crucial one, where you examine the printer’s connectivity to the computer meticulously. For wired connections, scrutinize the USB cable for any signs of damage.

Ensure it is plugged firmly into both the printer and the computer, avoiding loose connections that can cause intermittent issues.

For wireless connections, check that both the computer and the printer are on the same network. Confirm the network strength and stability to prevent any disruptions during printing tasks.

If necessary, restart your router to guarantee a stable connection. In addition, look into the printer’s settings to affirm that it is configured correctly for the network.

If your router is faulty, you can replace it with this Amazon Eero mesh WiFi router listed on Amazon.

Step 4: Running the Troubleshooter

In this fourth step, leverage the power of Windows 10’s built-in troubleshooter, a potent tool for pinpointing and rectifying issues automatically.

To engage this tool, open the “Settings” menu from your computer’s start menu, and select “Update & Security.”

From there, opt for “Troubleshoot,” and then identify your printer from the list of available devices and peripheral equipment.

Initiate the troubleshooter and adhere to the on-screen guidance, which will lead you through a series of diagnostic steps to unearth potential issues and offer solutions.

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Step 5: Restarting the Printer and Computer

Having executed the previous steps, you are now at the juncture where restarting both the printer and the computer becomes necessary. This action is more than just a routine procedure; it facilitates the resetting of systems, thereby allowing the changes and updates implemented to take effect.

After the restart, it’s prudent to conduct a print test to ascertain that the “HP 7520 printer stopped working after Windows 10 upgrade” issue has been duly resolved. If the test print is successful, you have effectively navigated and rectified the problem.

However, if the issue persists, consider revisiting the steps outlined, or seeking expert advice to prevent potential damage and further complications.