HP 6960 Printer Spooling Delay: 4 Causes & Easy Solutions

If you’ve encountered an “HP 6960 printer spooling delay”, you’re not alone. This guide provides an in-depth look into the causes, diagnosis, and resolutions to ensure you experience smooth printing operations with your HP 6960 printer.

HP 6960 Printer Spooling Delay
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Common Causes of HP 6960 Printer Spooling Delay

The spooling delay in printers, particularly in the HP 6960, can be traced back to various causes. Let’s delve deep into the common reasons and the mechanics behind each:

Outdated Printer Drivers

Printer drivers are software components that facilitate communication between your computer’s OS and the printer’s hardware. Just like any software, drivers need updates to remain compatible with system updates or to rectify bugs.

When the drivers are outdated, it can lead to miscommunication or no communication at all, resulting in delays or failure in the spooling process.

Corrupted Print Tasks

Every print task is a set of data sent to the printer. Occasionally, due to software glitches, this data can become corrupted or incomplete. When the printer receives a corrupted task, it might hang, trying to interpret the data, which can halt or delay subsequent tasks in the queue.

Hardware Issues

Your printer is a complex piece of machinery with multiple components working in tandem. If any component – be it a roller, sensor, or circuit – starts malfunctioning, it can disrupt the smooth flow of tasks, causing delays in spooling or printing.

Network Problems

printers, especially those used in office settings, often rely on wireless networks to receive print tasks. A weak or unstable network connection can interrupt the data transfer, leading to partial or delayed task executions.

Steps to Fix the HP 6960 Printer Spooling Delay

Armed with the knowledge of the potential causes, you can now effectively troubleshoot and resolve the HP 6960 printer spooling delay. Here are the detailed steps for each solution:

Update Printer Drivers

Start by visiting HP’s official website. Search for the “Drivers & Downloads” section and input your printer model – “HP 6960”. The website will list the latest driver versions. Download the one corresponding to your computer’s operating system.

Once the download completes, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install. This process will ensure your printer and computer speak the same “language”, enhancing compatibility and performance. After updating, it’s a good practice to restart both devices.

Clear Print Queue

If a corrupted task is causing the delay, clearing the queue might resolve it. On your computer, navigate to the “Control Panel” and select “Devices and Printers”. Locate and right-click on your HP 6960 printer icon and choose “See what’s printing”.

A window will display the current print tasks. You can manually cancel each task or choose “Cancel All Documents”. After clearing, turn off your printer for a minute and then turn it back on to refresh its system.

Check Hardware

Begin with a visual inspection. Ensure that there’s no paper jam or foreign objects inside. Check the input and output trays for proper alignment. Inspect the cables – both power and data (USB/Ethernet) – for any signs of wear, tear, or damage.

Ensure all cables are securely plugged in. If you find any component in disarray, consult the printer’s manual or seek professional help for replacement or repair.

Network Troubleshooting

For wireless printers, position your printer closer to the router to ensure a strong signal. You can check the printer’s connectivity status on its display panel. If it’s weak or disconnected, consider restarting your router.

Once restarted, navigate to the printer’s network settings, forget the current network, and then reconnect by entering the correct credentials.

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Seeking Further Assistance

If the aforementioned solutions don’t yield results, it’s advisable to contact HP’s official support. They might offer firmware updates or specific solutions tailored to your situation. Additionally, a local technician who specializes in printer issues can provide hands-on assistance.